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Open Poetry #37
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What is a family, the people to whom we’re related?
Or a bond that never ends?
Who is the mother? The creator of the child.

Take care of me
Love me without conditions
Tell me what I want to hear
Hear what I tell you clear
Bring me to the place I am destined to go
Or I’ll leave you if you don’t

A mother is the sustaining force
Without you the house is cold
Push me out the door
Push me out for something more
Don’t push me away, your little baby boy

You are the god that I listened to  
Look what’s happened to you
What’s happened to me?
Have I not become a man?
Am I not heading to a promised land?
Of love and tranquil thoughts of life and bliss

Remember when I used to cry
You came running to my room
To tell me not to worry anymore
Tell me not to stop in my dreaming
Tell me you love me; tell me like you told that boy.
So long ago and so young’s now old
In mind and spirit, it took me only a couple years
To realize what I been put here for

Remember my smiles when I looked up at you
Remember how you used to talk
With a love so warm and simple
No question in your mind

Remember your child
I am still that child only sum years older
And able to tell you how I feel
I still remember
And I love my mother that I remember so fond
Its been cold and chipped away since she’s been gone
Please remember that the child you held as a babe
He tells me that he loves you and wants to see you again

© Copyright 2006 Matthew Patrick Holbert - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2006-05-15 07:33 AM

Unconditional love is the way.

A Mother's love is constant, even in conflictual situations.

You took your penn and you see it's a declaration of love too.



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2 posted 2006-05-15 10:12 AM

poignant write
from the heart
well done

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