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Love for Two No Longer Available
Sensual erotica typically isn't about anatomy as much as it is about love and the physical expression of love. These poems explore the desires and passions of the human race in very adult ways. Poetry and Prose. Rated R
544 3724 2019-01-05
02:12 AM
Poet deVine, Temptress
Behind Closed Doors No Longer Available
Past innuendo and allusion, lies an adult world of raw passions and power, driven by imagery carved in the flames of the human heart. Bathed in this kind of heat, imagination gives way to reality. Poetry and Prose. Rated NC-18
1427 9623 2021-05-26
09:21 AM
Poet deVine, Temptress
Grok This No Longer Available
With maturity comes understanding. And, invariably, more questions that require deeper understanding. This forum is for exploring mature themes and questions, one adult to another. Discussion only. Rated R
167 2619 2020-05-31
09:41 PM
Poet deVine, Temptress
Poetry for Adults No Longer Available
The original Adult Forum contains nearly four years of poetry devoted to explicit adult topics. For a long time it was our only non-family forum and the diversity of its poems is testament to the range of themes inherent in the human heart. This forum is open for Replies only (no new poetry). Rated R
3997 33894 2020-05-31
09:09 PM
Poet deVine, Temptress
Rons World
Volunteer Moderators No Longer Available
Our Volunteer Moderators are the lubricants that permit the cogs of pipTalk to continue turning. We not only appreciate their help, we depend on it. (formerly known as Deputy Mod Squad forum)
3299 24286 2021-08-13
05:57 PM
Kit McCallum, Ron
Staff Moderators No Longer Available
To facilitate communication and administration of the forums - Staff Moderators Only.
2313 21981 2021-02-16
03:42 AM
The Dungeon No Longer Available
To facilitate planning and administration of the forums - for ADMINISTRATORS only. Mostly so I don't have to install ICQ again.
815 9187 2020-06-24
09:31 AM
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