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Islands in the Sky (Otherwise Called Computers)
Beyond the Basics
Includes topics covering web design, interactive content and programming, and promoting your web site to the rest of the Internet. Rated G
64 400 2016-03-17
02:08 PM
Geek Stuff
Questions and answers about software, hardware, or anything else that won't easily fit into one of our Internet forums. Rated G
182 1050 2014-10-11
09:04 AM
How Do You Spell HTML?
The language of the Internet isn't hard, but it does take some effort. Rated G
31 206 2011-12-18
11:13 PM
User Friendly Graphics
A picture is worth a thousand words, but not all words are created equal. Rated G
35 217 2008-02-19
02:25 AM
Poet deVine
Rons World
Volunteer Moderators No Longer Available
Our Volunteer Moderators are the lubricants that permit the cogs of pipTalk to continue turning. We not only appreciate their help, we depend on it. (formerly known as Deputy Mod Squad forum)
3299 24286 2021-08-13
05:57 PM
Kit McCallum, Ron
Staff Moderators No Longer Available
To facilitate communication and administration of the forums - Staff Moderators Only.
2313 21981 2021-02-16
03:42 AM
The Dungeon No Longer Available
To facilitate planning and administration of the forums - for ADMINISTRATORS only. Mostly so I don't have to install ICQ again.
815 9187 2020-06-24
09:31 AM
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