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passing shadows
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since 1999-08-26
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0 posted 2006-05-01 08:47 PM

When Home Isn't Home

It's getting colder now
and life just doesn't seem the same,
there's nothing left for me here,
no one I can call by name.

You broke my dream catcher
and replaced it with hate,
you called again last night
but it was a little too late.

I'm not on the edge anymore.
'When home isn't home, you leave'.
I won't cry, I may even dance
because you stole my need to grieve.

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Call me a quitter, a walkaway.
These days, lots of people roam
when there's just nothing left...
when home isn't home.


© Copyright 2006 Dixie Lee Bullington - All Rights Reserved
since 2005-12-17
Posts 137
1 posted 2006-05-01 09:12 PM

this is an excellant poem in my opinion, very well expressed, enjoyed the write

I do not need shine or wealth, just a pen and some paper for my health

Junior Member
since 2006-04-20
Posts 32
Fl. U.S.A.
2 posted 2006-05-01 09:46 PM

again you move me, you really know how to kill an empath

Member Rara Avis
since 2001-09-23
Posts 7081
On A Journey To The Unknown
3 posted 2006-05-01 11:02 PM

Dixie, my friend, I know what you mean.
since 2006-04-06
Posts 386

4 posted 2006-05-01 11:15 PM

Passing Shadows,

O how true.  A house does not make a home.

Blessings on you!

Klassy Lassy
Member Elite
since 2005-06-28
Posts 2187
5 posted 2006-05-02 12:12 PM

hmmmmm... new beginnings depend on endings.  Don't you just love it when one door closes and suddenly the all the locks are broken letting in blue sky. It's a little blinding when you've lived in the dark, but eye's and heart's both adjust!

Loved this write.


Member Patricius
since 2003-12-05
Posts 13434
6 posted 2006-05-02 01:36 AM

Hi, Dixie.  This is sad, but I get it and it's really well done.
Senior Member
since 2003-06-13
Posts 646
7 posted 2006-05-02 02:16 AM

I really loved this poem.
Because it's hard to find yourself in that situation, and it's a hard to journey to get back that home.

Senior Member
since 2006-02-10
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New Zealand
8 posted 2006-05-02 02:28 AM

"The circle of reality, it has an effect"

those are my thoughts on reading this poem

Member Ascendant
since 2003-03-21
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9 posted 2006-05-02 03:50 AM

Sad write. But, YOU ARE LOVED
Member Elite
since 2003-05-30
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10 posted 2006-05-02 04:45 AM

Honesty is your stong point and here you could not be more is a fine poem of how we think about we monitor the changes around things have a strange look to them..tommorow? Well that is another in your survival talents and also in the love of God..thank you for this sad but also beautiful write...


''As the deer pants for steams of water, so my soul pants for you O God''
Psalm 42:1

Senior Member
since 2003-06-10
Posts 974
Atlantic Beach,Fla
11 posted 2006-05-02 05:19 AM

i understand this good one here

Fool me once shame on you.....Fool me twice shame on me.....

Paul Wilson
Deputy Moderator 1 TourDeputy Moderator 1 Tour
Member Elite
since 2002-07-07
Posts 4711
United States
12 posted 2006-05-02 12:54 PM

Dixie...I may be wrong but reading between the lines I get the feeling that you are leaving us again, but this time because YOU want to. If this is true take care my dear friend and drop me an e mail...Paul

~~To share my poems with you is to share my heart with you~~

Seymour Tabin
Member Empyrean
since 1999-07-07
Posts 31720
Tamarac Fla
13 posted 2006-05-02 01:36 PM

Well in a way this site is a home and we all love you.

passing shadows
Member Empyrean
since 1999-08-26
Posts 45577
14 posted 2006-05-02 01:45 PM

leave Passions???? NO WAY!

LOL...this is just a repost of mine, just a "moving on to bigger and better things" kinda write (i.e. new job, maybe new city, new house, maybe going back to school, etc)

there is no bigger or better than our PIP home as far as poetry forums go  

I love you guys Thank you so much for such a big smile on my heart today

Member Rara Avis
since 2001-12-29
Posts 7115
South Africa
15 posted 2006-05-02 02:05 PM

Dixie - I know first hand what it's like to have a home that's not a home and it's certainly not great but glad you are staying around at your Pip home.  Good write!
Member Rara Avis
since 2005-11-07
Posts 9347
Durban, South Africa
16 posted 2006-05-02 05:08 PM

I am sorry for the pain even though this is an old poem.  I particularly love the last 2 lines which are very typical of your very mature wisdom, in spite of your youth.  I understand the need to grieve, but in his cruel theft of that, he left behind a freedom for you to be your wonderful self.

- Owl

Gentle Spirit
Member Patricius
since 2000-10-09
Posts 13989

17 posted 2006-05-02 06:17 PM

yes, old saying comes to mind,
a house is made of brick and stone, but a home is made, of love alone..

Yes, so easy to have a home and not be home. Nicely written.

Member Empyrean
since 1999-11-16
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Kapolei, Hawaii, USA
18 posted 2006-05-04 08:37 PM

Hope you can find your way home...but not only lots of loving and caring and sharing...James
since 2004-07-20
Posts 52

19 posted 2006-05-04 10:31 PM

I Loved It!!!!!!!  its ok to roam when a home isnt a home.  Those are powerful words.  You really brought it home.
since 2006-03-29
Posts 125

20 posted 2006-05-30 12:22 PM

"You broke my dream catcher and replaced it with hate"...well put!

I LOVED IT; I'm really feeling this one!!!

You always know how to hit that spot...thanx, Miss Dixie.


passing shadows
Member Empyrean
since 1999-08-26
Posts 45577
21 posted 2006-07-01 05:29 PM

thank you everyone

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