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0 posted 2006-01-18 01:19 AM

Harshest Critic

Unfortunate, isn’t it,
to say the least,
that so much of our self-worth is merely
from reflected perception?
Our ego-beast, clearly orphaned at birth,  
either whimpers or roars
in reflexive response to the touch
it craves.
The poet raves glory-green
sings the sun and bleeds blue,
he knows, he sees,
he reads the world and writes the soul.
He needs to scribble verse,
to grasp and hurl right words
from out of darkness,
seeking light,
to wrestle truth, to purse lips,
to clench teeth,
and curse hips too narrow
to wrench out from them
new life.
Poetry is what he births
with glorious ease or
dull-knifed caesarian,
and which he christens as his own.

Still, he sees those born of others,
listens in awe to their voices,
and there, in the mirror they hold up,
is what he has always known-
That he is not so brilliant
nor his children so beautiful,
but there will be more,
each with a mirror of his own.
Is it the feral child’s fault,
having never seen itself,
that it does not recognize its own reflection?

Constance Lessard Briggs

© Copyright 2006 Constance M. Lessard - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2006-01-18 04:39 AM


This poem gave me an odd feeling...perhaps because the reflection in the mirror could be my own?

The poem is very good, in content and form...

I enjoyed reading it..

_______  ___ice

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2 posted 2006-01-18 09:12 AM


I like this thought filled poem!  

Marge Tindal
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3 posted 2006-01-18 09:42 AM

There is SO much to this penning that speaks to me~

I will take even more time to reflect upon it~

Poignant penning, dear poetess~

~*The sound of a kiss is not as strong as that of a cannon, but it's echo endures much longer*~
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4 posted 2006-01-18 10:01 AM

very nice poem you have written here

I do not need shine or wealth, just a pen and some paper for my health

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5 posted 2006-01-18 10:38 AM

A poem that can be read over and over while seeing ones own reflection....Wonderful writing...**big hugs**

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6 posted 2006-01-18 02:20 PM

Thank you all so much for your positive responses to this poem.  I nearly didn't post it, as I felt it was too personally my feeling about the insecurities and self doubts regarding my work.  It seems I am not alone in this. Now I'm happy to have posted it----

thanks again,
smiles and hugs to all of you!

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7 posted 2006-12-21 02:50 AM

Nice writing...James
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