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Open Poetry #34
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Between the Lines

0 posted 2005-02-09 01:34 PM

Intentions of the Heart

The  darkness whispers, on rainy nights
and cloaked I am in thoughts of you.
Journey then, where eagles fly,
I write my heart, in heaven's blue.

I'm falling up, in miracles,
passion clouded, I'm free to be.
Intentions carved, upon a heart,
you are the air, surrounding me.

In shadows light, I muse a bit.
It's hard to say good-bye to old,
explore the new, unmask the fears,
to field the love, in moments hold.

I ramble on this early morn,
as voices titled come my way.
Inside my mind, I'm worried not,
I window view, reflect this day.

I love to love, it's feelings strong,
emotion driven, sweet of touch.
I circle you in thoughts tattooed,
tomorrow's fragile, I dream of such.

To find the strength, to speak the words,
I fade into resistance dance.
A drama lived, forgotten, not
when eyes of yours, found mine by chance.

Return to me, my black and white,
kaleidoscope, not needed here.
You've rainbowed me in shades of pale,
in words of warmth, throughout the year.

A turn, a twist, my life unfurls
as fantasies become the real.
Design unplanned and rearranged,
thrilled, surprised, each moment's feel.

In song of rain, in nighttimes wash,
I share my kisses of the night.
Illusions not, nor fantasy,
held truth in thoughts, 'til mornings light.

Intentions stilled, a calmness waits,
a melody, in song of rhyme.
Repeating I, from depth of heart,
each chorused break, delayed in time.

'Til then arrives, I shed my hues,
the brightness once, now shades of gray.
Intentions of my heart will sleep,
until the realness paints each day.


"Love is not blind - It sees more and not less, but because it sees more, it is willing to see less."
(Will Moss)

© Copyright 2005 Wynter Bliss - All Rights Reserved
passing shadows
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1 posted 2005-02-09 01:48 PM

wonderful write today!
I love it when you rhyme...course, I love it when you don't too

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2 posted 2005-02-09 01:51 PM

is there any doubt as to why you were the first mentor I ever had???  
Love seeing your words shine again lady!

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Listening to every heart
3 posted 2005-02-09 01:54 PM

I love to love...


Creatures of the heart do, yes...
I can see this spiraling high
into a short story...

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4 posted 2005-02-10 06:00 PM

Nice writing...James
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