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standing on a shadow's lace

0 posted 2005-01-24 02:13 PM


there are
no angry words in suffering
my heart breaks
as I die by degree
there is nothing to touch
with nothing in reach
sleep brings tearless silence
as dreams slip awake gone
why did my heart
turn and betray me
in a now lonely bed
with the distance of incomplete
how do I breathe
when my lungs won’t fill
and there is no soothing in
a world outside that has survived
and here inside my knees
are buckled and bent in crawl
my skin is much too sensitive
I don’t understand it either
and wish it would change
so I call on an angel
but I hear…
they fall broken too

just some words cut out
from the diary of my heart

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Between the Lines
1 posted 2005-01-24 02:51 PM

I definitely know and understand this feeling you expressed so well, Helen

It's always good to read your words

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Somewhere... out there...
2 posted 2005-01-24 02:55 PM

"there are
no angry words in suffering
my heart breaks
as I die by degree"

"my skin is much too sensitive"

gawd... Helen?...

I know this place too well...

feeling this one deeply, my friend...


"When the power of love overcomes the love
of power the world will know peace."
--Jimi Hendrix

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In your dreams
3 posted 2005-01-24 08:22 PM

This is resally sad. I like the mood you set and I can relate.


Juju - 1.) a magic charm or fetish 2.)Magic 3.)A taboo connected woth the use of magic

The dictionary never lies.... I am magical (;

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4 posted 2005-01-24 09:11 PM

:sqeeze: this brings tears  

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5 posted 2005-01-24 09:30 PM

Heartbreak really doesn't come from failing to be yourself. It most often comes from being brave enough to be who you are in spite of the heartbreak.

Remember that, and eventually you won't need angels -- or devils.

~~(¸¸¸¸ºº>   ~~(¸¸¸¸ºº>  ~~(¸¸ ¸¸ºº>    ~~~(¸¸ER¸¸ºº>

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