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Open Poetry #34
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Dark Stranger
Member Patricius
since 2001-03-19
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West Coast

0 posted 2005-01-01 10:54 AM

the snow there
on that side of 33
teasing my eyes
as I stand here at rincon
and shiver my skin

I hear you as the wind
laughing at my fragile
even in the leather
you tempt my fasteners
with chill

and leave the prints after
purple on pale
like the ink of my tattoos
you say you make your own
and they are invisible

except at this time of year
when you visit as the death
does the flowers in ojai
and as the ice moth
does the roses at el rio

but then there is my laughter
and you wear it in your tunnels
under the mountain
as my iron gallops me
to some warm sided sin

at a saintless santa barbara

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Member Empyrean
since 1999-06-25
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Listening to every heart
1 posted 2005-01-01 11:14 AM

at a saintless Santa Barbara...

ride the roads well, and safe
and have a wonderful New Year...

Senior Member
since 2004-10-10
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New York City
2 posted 2005-01-01 11:22 AM


**just me**

**Intoxicant to the SouL**

Member Ascendant
since 2004-03-27
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walking the surreal
3 posted 2005-01-01 12:00 PM

This is so incredible - the words you work, the images you stir, the life you give to her breath - you write nature so well-

Damn D- there are times when I am just left in awe of your talent-

Hugs -  Susan

Every action generates a force that returns to us in like kind . . . let us choose compassion and love

passing shadows
Member Empyrean
since 1999-08-26
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4 posted 2005-01-01 01:46 PM

something different here...about this one


Senior Member
since 2001-05-17
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5 posted 2005-01-01 04:05 PM

leather soft and weathered
like his smile
stiffens from rincon's salty breath
as he pulls the long black ribbon
from santa barbara's hair.

Mmm... road trip.


Deputy Moderator 10 Tours
Member Elite
since 2004-03-21
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The World of Poetry
6 posted 2005-01-01 04:31 PM

I like this...


Happy Holidays!

since 2004-01-12
Posts 415
Iloilo City, Philippines
7 posted 2005-01-01 04:46 PM

very passionately written...i love how you blend your words
Deputy Moderator 5 Tours
Member Patricius
since 1999-10-22
Posts 10463
8 posted 2005-01-03 11:05 AM

good write
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