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Open Poetry #34
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0 posted 2004-12-29 11:16 AM

Even though there is distance between us
And will apparently be for a while yet
Neither of the two of us
Ever have regrets of the day we met

We always find the answers
To what we face, for each problem
With love and understanding
Together we can always solve them

And with each of the problems we face
Of which of the answers we have found
Our love grows stronger and stronger
For our hearts together are bound

It takes a special kind of love
Of which we never found with another
Though we both searched before
We never found what we have together

So even though we have been given advice
That maybe things would be easier apart
We both know we could never be happy
If we didn't own each others heart

For even apart we have much more
Than many others who are together each day
For our love makes all distance disappear
And together we walk our happy way

Yes, though others may never understand
The loving relationship we have with each other
And though from missing, we feel sad and lonely
The happiness we have found, others seldom reach together

© Copyright 2004 Ethel GG Kent - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2004-12-29 11:33 AM

Dear Ethel, you are grateful for the gift of love you share with Gary and you express your feelings so lovingly with a glowing heart.
Even though life’s circumstances make it difficult to live together, you are deeply aware of your closeness. Hopefully you will overcome all the obstacles.
Thank you for sharing the tunes of your heart.
Love and hugs.

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2 posted 2004-12-29 11:36 AM

Dear sweet Ethel, you and Gary most certainly do have a special kind of love..
one that endures through space and time.
This is a wonderful piece of writing.

In the midst of winter,
I found there lives within me..
An invincible summer.

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navwin » Archives » Open Poetry #34 » The REAL Of Our Lives........Part IV

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