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Member Rara Avis
since 2003-03-02
Posts 9655
New York

0 posted 2004-10-22 05:21 AM

she sleeps.
Her roots, embedded
in this barren landscape.
Her mind
plays tricks on her
as each leaf, her children
fall to their deaths
crying in dissent
because in truth,
they all just need to be held.

© Copyright 2004 Sue Eckam - All Rights Reserved
Member Elite
since 2002-12-03
Posts 3532
Lost in thought
1 posted 2004-10-22 05:51 AM

Ohh ouch! I'm not sure if I felt like the one sleeping and confused here, or if I felt like one of the children, needing to be held. Either way this is a heart-wrenching, to the point, write. Amazing...
It'll be in my head all night. Probably all day too... sleep isn't looking very likely.
Hope things are well for you...

Always, Alyssa

He was a man of sorrows
...I am a girl of tears.

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Member Elite
since 2004-01-15
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Elapsing, Eclipsing, Evolving
2 posted 2004-10-22 05:54 AM

"because in truth,
they all just need to be held."

severed to the bone here.....*sigh*

Member Empyrean
since 1999-06-25
Posts 63354
Listening to every heart
3 posted 2004-10-22 06:26 AM



Visibly impressed here!

Senior Member
since 2004-10-10
Posts 1180
New York City
4 posted 2004-10-22 06:34 AM

your vision transform the page, girl...


**Intoxicant to the SouL**

Gentle Spirit
Member Patricius
since 2000-10-09
Posts 13989

5 posted 2004-10-22 08:07 AM

so poignant Sue but so very well done....

The greatest beauty on earth, is
found in the hearts of those
who love....

Member Rara Avis
since 2002-11-19
Posts 7392
6 posted 2004-10-22 08:40 AM

so much spun on one little leaf, ya know?
who cries louder, mother or child?
hard to let go, hard to fly too.
very beautiful words from one who sees them too.

Member Patricius
since 2003-06-19
Posts 13296

7 posted 2004-10-22 08:42 AM

very dear and near...

this was magnificant prose..thank you

Member Rara Avis
since 2003-03-02
Posts 9655
New York
8 posted 2004-10-22 01:30 PM


exactly!  I feel the same way
Thank you

Thank you Dawn

Hey Kari, thanks for reading

Thanks Mari

Thank you so much Donna

Michele, yes and yes *smile*
thank you

Thank YOU Lee

Thanks guys

Member Elite
since 2003-01-31
Posts 4178

9 posted 2004-10-22 02:15 PM



Cpat Hair
Deputy Moderator 1 Tour
Member Patricius
since 2001-06-05
Posts 11793

10 posted 2004-10-22 04:28 PM

yes.. very nicely done ma'am....

very nice indeed...

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Member Rara Avis
since 2000-09-09
Posts 9903
In Your Poetic Mind
11 posted 2004-10-22 05:14 PM

seee amazing......

Read between the lines
look deep into each word
and you will understand the
depth of my soul (GE)

Dark Angel
Member Patricius
since 1999-08-04
Posts 10095

12 posted 2004-10-22 06:35 PM

the coming of age, it's wonderful isnt it?

one leaf at a time

Well said Sue


and I am haunted
by my illicit exquisite dream
but I can't really wake up
so I just drift in between

~ani difranco~

Member Empyrean
since 1999-09-21
Posts 28049
13 posted 2004-10-22 07:06 PM


This has real emotional impact...impressed here!  

Earth Angel
Member Empyrean
since 2002-08-27
Posts 40215
Realms of Light
14 posted 2004-10-22 07:12 PM

Well, I never looked at it that way before! I think I'll go hug a tree and make it feel better! ~ and me!

Your pen drips very poetic ink. Soulful Sue!

Love a tree and it will love you back!

Member Elite
since 2002-06-07
Posts 3689
Moved from a shack to a barn
15 posted 2004-10-22 11:21 PM

Damn, Susie

This is VERY good...Not one word out of place..and not one word extra.

Impressed, yes!

passing shadows
Member Empyrean
since 1999-08-26
Posts 45577
16 posted 2004-10-23 12:28 PM

missed reading you a lot
Member Rara Avis
since 2002-11-18
Posts 7350
the ass-end of space
17 posted 2004-10-23 04:25 AM

short on words, long on ache..awesome oh winged one
Member Elite
since 2002-06-24
Posts 2015
18 posted 2004-10-23 09:45 AM

Does every tree weep for its leaves?
Do we all weep for lost children?

Very thought provoking write, Sue.  Ken

Through rubble and trouble and dark of night
The yawn of a dawn will hasten the light

Member Rara Avis
since 2003-03-02
Posts 9655
New York
19 posted 2004-10-23 09:54 PM

Eric, thank you so much

Ron  *smile* thank you, sir.

Yes, Lauren, I see *smile*

Thanks Maree, and goodness, well said yourself.

Wow! If you are impressed Martie, I must have done something right.  Thank you

aww Linda, exactly, I can see you out there getting strange looks from your neighbors hugging trees.  *smile*

*smile*  Thank you Eddie, you taught me how to tighten up my writing.

Thanks Dix, missed you too

Raph,  *smiling*  thanks . . . you know you taught me how to make it short and to the point.

Yes, Ken we do, thank you so much.

Thanks guys.

Senior Member
since 2003-09-10
Posts 1279

20 posted 2004-10-31 10:04 AM

Hi littlewing. Mmm I love this. What a talent. I seen the duet you did with babygirl earlier...but it was a piece by you I wanted to bump I have chosen to make it this one. You have a remarkable talent my friend. I really am jealous that I did not write this. LOL! But at least I got to read it. BRAVO!

Remember, if you're not part of the future, you're history!

Deputy Moderator 5 Tours
Member Patricius
since 1999-10-22
Posts 10463
21 posted 2004-11-01 04:50 PM

good read
Member Seraphic
since 2003-02-08
Posts 22236
22 posted 2004-11-01 05:00 PM

Her offspring transformed ...she still reaches for Heaven, to be blessed anew.

This is so touching, dear Sue.

Love, Margherita

Member Rara Avis
since 2000-04-30
Posts 7563
Spring, Texas
23 posted 2004-11-01 09:33 PM

Said it perfectly, my friend.


Member Ascendant
since 2004-03-27
Posts 5104
walking the surreal
24 posted 2004-11-01 10:12 PM

Love this -


Happiness isn't something that happens to you, it's created from within you.  Joy is a state of mind.

S Arthur Grey
Senior Member
since 2001-03-19
Posts 719
woven by a poet's loom
25 posted 2004-11-02 12:14 PM

There are days when I would rather be a tree.
Interesting and enjoyable piece.


Member Elite
since 2001-12-10
Posts 3923
my own state
26 posted 2004-11-02 02:28 AM

some leaves grow and others fall..
some leave home when independence calls...
poignant write...

Member Rara Avis
since 2000-07-25
Posts 8229
Somewhere... out there...
27 posted 2005-01-24 03:55 PM


just... wow...

so incredibly powerful...

Miss you, my sis...

"When the power of love overcomes the love
of power the world will know peace."
--Jimi Hendrix

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