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0 posted 2001-04-17 10:23 PM

First of all, I'm not really sure if this belongs here. If not, I hope someone will be kind enough to direct me where to go. Ok, I have ICQ 2000A, and it is really annoying me now! Ok, it gets in these "moods" where it will just randomly shut down. No warning or anything! I'll just be typing a message and BAM! No error messages or anything, it just.. disappears. Do you think an upgrade will help? Do I have a virus or something? It's really annoying me!!!

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1 posted 2001-04-20 04:51 PM

There are a couple reasons why it could do that Erica.  It could be icq themselves, your isp, etc...etc....  Get the 2000b and see if it changes.  That might be your solution, but you'll never know till you download and load it.  

With regards to viruses, I do hope you have a virus scan w/ an updated virus definition.  That could be it too, you never know till you scan with an updated virus definition.

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2 posted 2002-10-11 07:32 PM

I use Trillian cos I have aaall the IM programs , but I did hear ICQ just released an ICQ Lite - which might be ur best bet.

As for the virus, if you don't *have* and updated one or you don't trust is (cos certian virus do hide from the scanner, go to
Housecall and use their's for free


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