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0 posted 2003-10-14 04:03 PM

All of my life I have tasted the same
The same places
Same colors
Same shapes
And all the same things
I have known since my birth

And all of the while, I had to believe
In new places
New people
New voices
And with all these thoughts
I bided my time
Until the right moment
To stand up and shine

And now, what flavor that runs through my mouth!
All the new places
New shapes
New melodies
Learning new things
That I have not known yet

What excitement thrills me!
What music here heals me?
Oh, what could it be
That leaves such an aftertaste
That I must be gluttonous
And have more?

Let me have another taste...

Oh, make me Thine forever
And should I fainting be
Lord, let me never ever
Outlive my love for Thee

© Copyright 2003 Erica N. - All Rights Reserved
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Floating gently on a cloud....
1 posted 2003-10-17 04:41 PM

I love this I could taste it all!! Yummy!!
Liz xxx

"Gorge the honey from life, and live through the stomach aches knowing they will pass..." ~Liz Pinard 2003~

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2 posted 2003-10-20 12:42 PM

Isn't college great?  Glad you're enjoying the new flavours that life has to offer.  Also grinning to see that you're back on the poetry wagon with the rest of us.

Thanks for sharing, Erica... have fun with school.  


Faith is a fine invention
When gentlemen can see
But microscopes are prudent
In an emergency.
~~~Emily Dickinson

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3 posted 2004-06-07 11:53 AM

This is such a wonderful read, it's nice to see such a positive outlook expressed so beautifully.


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