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Tramp Poet
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Could Be Anywhere...

0 posted 2003-08-23 01:23 PM

Welcome Home

Cresting the hill in cleansing rain
Texas Canyon pass at dusk
on my way to new home, new life.
Blue sky cutting stacked up clouds
rock formations glowing orange and red
beautiful indeed; my first Arizona sunset.

It was sprinkling a half mile ago
clearing; just like my new beginning…
peeking with promise from within the storm.
Air smells fresh, clean, renewed
evening innocent with life giving dampness
drying quickly, just like my tears.

One thousand miles of hard road
between past and what is to be
leaving heart and love lost behind.
Wearing shades of unknown future
bright and shiny as a new born penny
tomorrows dreams coming home this eve.

Cresting the hill, chasing Arizona rain
dearest brother and sis welcomes home
a bonus! Mom with flashing eyes.
Ugliness falling away like dust from the road
weight slinks from shoulders to run away
so beautiful…so very peaceful…
my first Arizona sunset.



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1 posted 2003-08-23 06:31 PM

This was a cool travel sort of poem.  It implicitely reminded me that life itself is a journey and that it doesn't hurt to go on a few non-metaphorical journeys in this life.  Thanks for sharing what will most certainly be going into my library.

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2 posted 2003-08-23 10:29 PM

This is a lovely and light poem, and I enjoyed reading one of these from you.  Very clear imagery, I could see it all.  


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Aloha, Oregon
3 posted 2003-08-25 07:59 AM

I'm glad to see you made it okay and Arizona sounds beautiful. I sure hope it will be a great new beginning for you. Love and Hugz...Shawna
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