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0 posted 2003-08-21 11:49 PM

NOTE:  I wrote this poem based on a person I know.  This person claims to be opposed to racism and bigotry, and also claims to be intelligent.  I wrote this poem out of a sense of anger.  I do not mean to offend with the speaker's words.  I can assure you that, though the words were typed by myself, they most certainly do NOT reflect my own way of thinking.  Rather, it is my hope that this poem will help the reader to understand that we ALL must watch ourselves so that we do not fall into the trap of hypocrasy.

I promote peace on earth,
fighting against war
and raging against racism.
I sneer at stereotypes
and balk at bigotry.

I'm an intelligent man,
and open minded too.
You'll never see me
opposing gay marriage
like those catholics.
They say it's wrong for
men to sleep with men;
but it's okay if they
molest little boys.

I'm a wise man,
you can count on me
to give an opinion
that can't be faulted
by reason or logic.

I know you
you're Dutch
you must be Dutch
I met a Jew once.
I know you
you're jewish
you've a big nose
and you're a cheap old man;
that gives you away.

I'll fight and fight
and ruin the racism
and bigotry and hatred
in this world.
Everyone on Earth but me
is at fault.

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1 posted 2003-08-25 01:02 PM

Your picture is kind of scary... cool, but kind of scary.

Anyway, onto the poem.  I think you exposed the way some people view things one way and everything they do reflects the way they appear to view things, yet they claim to be the total opposite.


"As a group, no one would call poets a particularly bubbly, chipper group."
James Pennebaker (psych prof.)

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