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Poet deVine
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since 1999-05-26
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Hurricane Alley

0 posted 2002-06-21 08:55 PM

The sea is darkest before day
Beckoning the dawn from her lair
With gilded light she awakens
Shakes the mist from her hair

She beckons weary sailors
With her soothing rolling caress
They follow unknowing
She leads them to distress

Her siren song lures them on
Unsuspecting to a watery grave
As quickly she whips up her waves
Til no one is left to save

**I'm getting tired..going to slow down a bit..this one isn't very good.

© Copyright 2002 Poet deVine - All Rights Reserved
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since 2001-08-14
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Canada eh.
1 posted 2002-06-21 09:19 PM

I like it...reads well out loud too.
Member Elite
since 2002-06-15
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Ohio, USA
2 posted 2002-06-21 09:25 PM

yes - it is good for going so fast - out loud works well with it - Paul
Deputy Moderator 5 Tours
Member Rara Avis
since 2000-01-03
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3 posted 2002-06-21 09:28 PM

I loved it! Don't try ratin' yourself, it's always a downhill battle (as Lore shows about me) ...

She said burn ... together.

Mistletoe Angel
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Portland, Oregon
4 posted 2002-06-22 12:16 PM

WOW!!! I for one like this, sweet friend, you have been on fire today posting, this reminded me of in The Odysseyt by Homer when Odysseus covers his ears and ties himself to the mast to avoid being captured by the sirens on the island! (sigh) Your words are always captivating, sweet friend, I love this, we all love you so much! You have such a beautiful heart, sweet Sharon, thank you for sharing!

May love and light always shine upon you!

Noah Eaton

"Underneath your clothes there's an endless story..."


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