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Moved from a shack to a barn

0 posted 2003-07-27 06:58 PM

Well, it’s a whole lot more
than brooding children
playing make-believe vampire
in sodden, sullen alleys

Or moonlit graveyard games
involving circles and stars
and the neighborhood cat

More than cheap shades at sundown
and a fashionably bad attitude

that’s not where you’ll find it

Dark arrives
when you can no longer choose


"I've lost all I, it's your turn"

© Copyright 2003 E.F.Rose - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2003-07-27 07:33 PM

I see it follows you. If it didn't, you wouldn't be able to write this way. Very good, I like the lead up to.


If nothing is something
then everything is
our thoughts and feelings
and all that exists.

Member Rara Avis
since 2003-03-02
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New York
2 posted 2003-07-27 08:36 PM

and the pathway is becoming dim . . .

since 2003-02-14
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Jersey City NJ
3 posted 2003-07-28 12:20 PM

You just helped me reaffirm why I like the dark forums so much, with writes like this...
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blues & greys
4 posted 2003-07-28 01:21 PM

so true, you can no longer choose...

once the blanket of darkness envolpes your being, there is no turing back...

nice write wranx, as usual...

"in a past life i was a woodcarver's knife: the sharpend blade of a wood cutter, the eldest son of the chief's brother: a maker of drums"

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5 posted 2003-07-28 10:57 PM

Senior Member
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New Caney, Tx
6 posted 2003-07-29 12:08 PM

That same prison.  
Its awesome how you write.

Its like with your poems when one looks at your picture theyll never actually see who you are.


Member Empyrean
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Listening to every heart
7 posted 2003-07-29 03:51 PM

Bet you thought
I only hung out
in Open...

Lady Moiraine
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since 2003-07-29
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8 posted 2003-07-29 05:00 PM

in reply to:

Dark arrives
when you can no longer choose

I agree.  My personna online is that of a vampire and I find that even in my unreal world, the dark becomes very real.

brian sites
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9 posted 2003-07-29 10:43 PM

since 2003-06-29
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10 posted 2003-07-29 11:15 PM

Nicely done, enough said.
Member Rara Avis
since 2002-11-18
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the ass-end of space
11 posted 2003-07-30 02:19 PM

Learn em ed learn em
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Pencilveinia, USA
12 posted 2003-07-30 06:07 PM

Ed, I'll be visiting here more often.

this is going in my library.

Instant karma's gonna get you.

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