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Dark Poetry #3
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SoMeWhErE oVeR tHe RaInBoW

0 posted 2003-04-26 11:42 PM

Daily hallucinations crowd my mind
Uncanny thoughts happen all the time.
Darkness deludes the life I choose to see
Individuals I'm acquainted with disagree.

Mental paradise is a place I go often
Where the many irritations haven't been.
My eyes are the sky and it's raining
The issues in my mind are not entertaining.

With all this evidence I don't see the answer
My essence is tired I need an enhancer.
It's been hurt numerous times in the same spot
I was running away but nowadays I'm caught.

Look at the stars; they sure are pretty tonight
Each one a pointer showing me the way through life.
The man on the moon is trying to tell me something
But I'm misunderstanding his message or something.

I'm sliding down the rainbow; the storm has passed
But I know this sunshine won't last.
No matter what the ground is the object of ridicule
When the lightening hits and destroys self-rule.

© Copyright 2003 Jennifer Pederson - All Rights Reserved
rcl 4eva
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1 posted 2003-04-27 12:28 PM

Beatiful poem...I kinda drift like that sometimes
Brad Majors
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2 posted 2003-04-27 02:38 AM

wonderfully done!
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Sesame Street :) hee hee ,NY
3 posted 2003-04-27 10:22 AM

This is Great!! Hope to see more of you soon!!


"No man is EVER worth my tears, and the one who is, will never make me cry!"

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4 posted 2003-04-27 04:28 PM

i really loved this poem! i especially love the part about the stars. so beautifully written.~stephy

"...and poets are born knowing the language of angels." -Madeline L'Engle

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