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0 posted 2003-03-10 08:53 AM

Once upon a beam of light,
My eyes were torn apart.
Oh god I thought that I was right
to tamper with her heart.
I didn't know her virgin skin
could tear so easily.
You must forgive, I wish to live.
Oh lord please pity me

Once upon a frozen flame,
my hands were severed off,
for making her my lightning rod
to everybodys' scoff.
Her passion was a trifle thing,
she never had a choice.
And knowing how she loved to sing,
I took away her voice.

Once upon a whim of god,
My head was cut away.
Her life was opened at the seams,
I knew I had to pay.
Believe me when I say to you,
Oh lord, I do repent.
For all the pain you put me through,
was surely,
Heaven Sent.

© Copyright 2003 WisprWnd - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2003-03-10 03:53 PM

(big hugggsssssss) This is so very heartaching, sweet friend, I send angel hugs your way as I do believe we can all be fragile but while penitence is heaven-sent, so is forgiveness and the robin shall restore amends as Shakespeare said! (sigh) This has my vote, sweet friend, God Bless You, we all love you so much! You have such a beautiful heart, sweet friend, thank you for sharing!

May love and light always shine upon you!

Noah Eaton

"Underneath your clothes there's an endless story..."


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since 2003-02-07
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2 posted 2003-03-13 05:29 PM

I hope it gets through.
Please Vote....I want to buy the book, and it would be nice to see my work in there..

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California Desert
3 posted 2003-03-16 08:27 PM

I'm impressed and voting.
Jason Lyle
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since 2003-02-07
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With my darkling
4 posted 2003-03-16 09:37 PM

And also my vote, nice job.

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Beneath the northern stars
5 posted 2003-03-17 05:01 PM

Sometimes, I think everything, no matter how bad it is, is heaven sent....

Glad I ventured in here. You have my vote.


I've waited on a line of greens and blues, just to be the next to be with you..
~Mr. Big

since 2003-03-15
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6 posted 2003-03-20 05:22 PM

Good write. I voted.

Love reading all these great writes.
I write not!

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Sesame Street :) hee hee ,NY
7 posted 2003-03-21 09:29 AM

OOOhhh I luv this!!! Gave me goosebumps!!! Great job!! U get my vote!!


since 2002-11-29
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Pheonix, AZ, USA
8 posted 2003-03-23 10:00 AM

That is beautiful. *bows*

"I don't need to scream for you to deem me aggravation."

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9 posted 2003-03-26 05:05 PM


"Somewhere, somehow, it should be possible to touch someone and never let go again.  To hold someone, not for a moment but forever." Unknown

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10 posted 2003-03-28 10:11 AM

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.  May I have your real name so I can put the author's copyright on it?  I collect poems so I can analize and use them to make my own poetry better and I'd like to use yours, is that okay?

-I don't need a signature-

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11 posted 2003-03-29 01:41 PM

This is my life. Post in Dark 3...

[This message has been edited by WisprWnd (03-29-2003 01:45 PM).]

since 2001-06-04
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12 posted 2003-04-05 09:27 AM

This is the kind of poem that leaves you stunned and breathless.  It was so awesome!!  I had goosebumps the whole time!!!!!!!!!!  AWESOME WRITE!  I'm definetly voting for it.

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13 posted 2003-04-06 05:44 PM

Spine Grinder
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Standing In Silence...
14 posted 2003-04-08 09:42 AM

this was great. u got my vote for sure.

If You Wanna See A Rainbow, You've Gotta Live Through The Rain. And If You Wanna See Through Love, You've Gotta Live Through The Pain.

since 2003-01-27
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15 posted 2003-04-08 02:38 PM

I love this piece!

since 2003-02-14
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Jersey City NJ
16 posted 2003-04-09 12:25 PM

Loved it, very graphic.
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Florida USA
17 posted 2003-04-19 10:49 PM

nice job

Real friends celebrate in who we are and have faith in all that we can become
Lots of Love

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18 posted 2003-04-20 12:53 PM

Sometimes it's extremely difficult to know the blessings while experiencing such dreadful pain as you've expressed here, still regardless, most anything Heaven sent gets my vote for sure. Good job.


since 2003-03-07
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19 posted 2003-04-21 08:25 PM

This write was incredible,  so well voiced and expressed.  Great imagery.  Nice job


p.s. you got my vote

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20 posted 2003-04-22 04:35 PM

this held my attention very well done
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since 2003-04-12
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21 posted 2003-04-23 08:24 PM

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ohio, usa
22 posted 2003-04-24 08:51 AM

nice, nice. thats all i can say. got my vote
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South AL
23 posted 2003-04-24 10:26 PM

Got my vote!!  Awesome job on this piece... I loved it.

since 2003-04-25
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SoMeWhErE oVeR tHe RaInBoW
24 posted 2003-04-25 12:49 PM

That is such a beautiful poem. You have great talent. Keep up the excellant work!

- peaceful_dreamer

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California Desert
25 posted 2003-04-26 01:05 PM

You know you wanted to get into the book and you have got two in I believe but only if you go in and sign your contracts, they still show up as 'accept' you will lose your spot in the book if you don't get your contracts signed. Email a moderator to find out how it should be done, I would have emailed you but no email address in your profile.
Spine Grinder
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Standing In Silence...
26 posted 2003-04-26 10:19 PM

omg.....this was so good...sad, but good...i loved this. great job!!!

If You Wanna See A Rainbow, You've Gotta Live Through The Rain. And If You Wanna See Through Love, You've Gotta Live Through The Pain.

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