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0 posted 2002-10-13 12:03 PM

Sitting on this fence of mine, aloof in a composed nature.
How are you?
I think i am falling into my trap of stalling.

So let me feed your delusions, by the spoonful of tainted formula.
Let me steal these illusions of security little by little.
Reel out what i remember, scratch it out.


Its days like these,
I just want to tease my trigger.
Directed at me, this sullen boy;
step out and withdraw.
When there is too much spinning, i am still blue in my own oblivian.
Iam still calm.
Little by little with days like these.

I yawn.
Iam awake.
Feel kina torn, i peel my replica eyes, my sunglasses.
Sighing as if i could get any higher.
wanting her lips is enough,
wanting her impure cancer.
Feeling the idle salt tremor.
sigh off the cryptics and yaawn at the surreality.

Pony tails and frail denim.
Keeping a cool exterior.
fleeing emotionally and void of any sings.

I'll cut and paste this awkward question, the reply, worse than it already is. let it ring as this suspense never breaks.

Just ask...

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since 2002-10-06
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1 posted 2002-10-14 11:35 PM

This seems almost a mirror in my sentiment to the piece I just wrote myself, 'my fire and ice'.  Weird.  Very nice, I liked this.
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London, England
2 posted 2002-10-15 04:27 AM

great work,


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