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Dark Poetry #3
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0 posted 2002-09-07 10:52 AM

My eyes always full with tears
their never dry
i cant stop the tears from comming down
tear by tear they run down my cheeks
the older i get
the more tears that fall
day by day i feel sadder and sadder
why i do i'll never know for sure
so many around who care
but they just dont understand me
i know their there for me always
but what i need them for
they just dont understand
im sick
im falling
they try but its not working
i just cant stop the tears
i whip them all away
but they just keep comming back
I hear people say all the time
"its not right to not believe in god"
but they cant see what he has done to me
if there is a god
then i hate him
if there was a god
he'd stop all these tears
he'd come and set me free
make everything ok
But there is no god
and i still cant stop these tears
im drowning here
can someone help me please
stop the tears
hold me near
tell me im ok
tell me its all going to be fine
take away all the things that hurt me
i'll listen this time
i really will
all i need is someone
someone to come close to me
I'll let you in my life
i wont push you away
i need someone to come
and whip away these tears

-:¦:-Hey god i know i'm just a dot in this world
Have you forgot about me?-:¦:-

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1 posted 2002-09-07 03:32 PM

sounds like one of my journal enteries..its hard to believe but you do not go unnoticed by God or the ppl who love you..


If at first you don't succeed destroy all the evidence that you tried.

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A. L. Becker
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2 posted 2002-09-07 05:31 PM

dear MissunderstoodGrrl,
i once felt that my pain would never stop.  when it did i missed the tears.  the hardest thing to understand is that God may not want us to understand.  somehow, realizing that was a comfort to me.  God bless you and thank you for the vivid poetry.

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3 posted 2002-09-07 06:40 PM

This really sounds like one of my friends, who is suffering from severe depression. No matter what happens, she remains on her own, even with her closest friends. I'm not going to tell you to believe in God, because that's your choice to make. (Personally I am undecided...don't like either side!) I'm also not gonna tell you what you need to do or whatnot, simply because different things work for different people. All I really wanted to say was that I really appreciate that you feel comfortable expressing these very strong emotions to everyone and that I think it was a very powerful piece. I hope that you find someone who will listen without hesitation, and that this person will always be a close friend. I wish you the best of luck...
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4 posted 2002-09-09 01:08 PM

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