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Dark Poetry #3
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Member Rara Avis
since 2000-07-29
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Victoria Australia

0 posted 2002-08-12 06:22 PM

Goodnight my love I offered up my life
But now I join those others neath the stone
I gave my flesh and bone to be your wife
Yet now the daylight comes, you walk alone

In the daylight flesh and grieve I gave
Freely offered all I had in blood
For the darkness held that way of rave
I offered you my life and livelihood

You sucked me dry and took of all I had
Yet I offered all and even more
The passions of blood lust have made me mad
As fading fast my spirit hits death's door

I offer all I am and have my love
Take it all and then return for more
Drink your fill, my blood the treasure trove
Dried to dust, my muscles weak and sore

Slake your thirst and drink of me in lust
Let your passions rule in all you do
For I am emptied blowing as the dust
And I will lie beneath the stones for you.

Here in the midst of my lonely abyss, a single joy I find...your presence in my mind.  Unknown

© Copyright 2002 Lynne Dale - All Rights Reserved
New Member
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1 posted 2002-08-12 07:26 PM

Very powerful... I especially like the last stanza.
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I am everywhere
2 posted 2002-08-12 08:11 PM

"You sucked me dry and took of all I had
Yet I offered all and even more"

Beautifully written ... so many images and feelings are imputed into this poem.
I'll be sure to add this to my private library...


"Your suffering will free you."

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3 posted 2002-08-14 10:47 AM

I enjoy your writing very much ....
~~ Connie ~~

Moon Dust
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Skelmersdale, UK
4 posted 2002-08-14 11:29 AM

it sounded a bit sad to me, but I enjoyed it.

If your afraid of the dark, then why did you come?

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5 posted 2002-08-15 02:39 PM

Damn fine work, Kethry
Glad it didn't...quite suck the life from you.


The shortest distance between two points...
is sometimes, intolerable.      


desolation angel
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east coast
6 posted 2002-08-15 09:12 PM

sad and beautiful. darkly nice.

don't undress my love
you might find a mannequin:
don't undress the mannequin
you might find
my love

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