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Elizabeth Santos
Member Rara Avis
since 1999-11-08
Posts 9269

0 posted 2000-07-13 04:51 PM

Of Sorrow

As stars abound in daylight heavens above
And go unnoticed til the dark of night
Joy and contentment truly fill my heart
Although my soul is bathed in sorrow ‘s plight

As I awake tomorrow with the sun
Allow my soul to sing,  although it grieves
As roses gladly flaunt their velvet wings
Knowing they will fall in morning’s breeze

Oh, let me feel a smile upon my face
Allow me for one moment flee this sore
My chalice well contains both sides of truth
Filled half with joy and half with sorrows pour

For I have tasted of the bitter brine
And also of the sweetness of the brew
And both came from the selfsame August fruit
But fate would have one sour of the two

We cannot look at sorrow by itself
For threads of joy are subtly woven through
At times among the earths most barren field
Appears a flower of bright vermilion hue

In evening’s darkest shadow brightly glows
An opalescent circle through the trees
A simple little glance at midnight’s moon
Can often put most troubling thoughts at ease

Although I’m wrought with sorrow deep inside
I seek those  happy moments through this strife
For that which sharply pierces me with grief
Is that which is the rapture of my life

Elizabeth Santos

© Copyright 2000 Elizabeth Santos - All Rights Reserved
Geoffrey Sonnen
since 2000-07-05
Posts 142
Reading, PA USA
1 posted 2000-07-13 07:37 PM

Elizabeth, you write so beautifully, your phrasing is so visual and Heart-felt. I am moved by what I have read from your Heart the short time I have been here at Passions. Thank you for your "Gift". I, believe me, can relate to your Offering here. Not sure, at this point in my grief, that I can see the "positive" in what you shared here, as far as my personal situation, but I understand what you are saying.

Sincerely,  Geoffrey

Elizabeth Santos
Member Rara Avis
since 1999-11-08
Posts 9269
2 posted 2000-07-13 08:38 PM

Thank you for your generous response to this poem. I know it sounds strange that you could feel sorrow and joy at the same time, but I do. I grief and the next moment be laughing at something. I just enjoy every little thing that happens each day , even if it is in the midst of sorrow
Thank you

Member Seraphic
since 1999-08-22
Posts 22648

3 posted 2000-07-13 09:00 PM

Awesome poem, Elizabeth. Profound. It showcases your depth of character. Very well done.


Member Elite
since 2000-02-04
Posts 2919
New York, USA
4 posted 2000-07-13 10:05 PM

Oh Liz, This is just so beautiful.  What a sweet soul you have to see the good and joyful things, even in the midst of sorrow.  This is a truly lovely poem.  Bonnie
Seymour Tabin
Member Empyrean
since 1999-07-07
Posts 31720
Tamarac Fla
5 posted 2000-07-13 10:35 PM

My chalice well contains both sides of truth
Filled half with joy and half with sorrows pour
Just wonderful. Love Sy

Senior Member
since 2000-02-02
Posts 664
6 posted 2000-07-13 11:33 PM

this one has depth...
very true words.

If all was light...then I would have never learnt the dark...from which such truth evolves
from which evolves the light...
Avanti Rao

Yu Lan
Senior Member
since 2000-04-13
Posts 1462
New Zealand
7 posted 2000-07-14 12:29 PM

Another vote.. Liz you have an amazing way with words, so that u could make anything sound good, but what's really special.. is what is inside all your poetry.. all are pieces of you, and this one is such a delicate, beautiful, understanding piece, that surely it must be of your soul.. congratulations Liz, on being able to make so many readers smile, and know you...



"He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened." Lao-tsu

Deputy Moderator 1 TourDeputy Moderator 1 Tour
Member Laureate
since 1999-11-23
Posts 14937
East Lansing, MI USA
8 posted 2000-07-14 12:46 PM

Superb Elizabeth. . .

Sorrow and I are old friends...

Just wonderful. . .


That which gives light must endure burning
--Victor Frankl

Member Rara Avis
since 1999-07-17
Posts 7704

9 posted 2000-07-14 07:41 AM



since 2000-04-12
Posts 268
Backwaters of Avalon
10 posted 2000-07-14 08:15 AM

and yet another.. liz.. Gosh, I think you should be awarded a medal for outstanding effort and ultimate success in being the happiest poet in the world. if everyone can see the right side of things like you do, this world will be full of roses. Marvellous expressions and rhymes, excellent rhythm too, I feel I flow with it. Oh no, I won't forget to vote.

- James
The beauty of nature is displayed,
not through itself,
but through the creatures
dwelling within its bosom.

Member Elite
since 1999-06-19
Posts 2462

11 posted 2000-07-15 09:04 AM

exceptional poetry.

Member Empyrean
since 1999-09-21
Posts 28049
12 posted 2000-07-15 11:14 AM

Dear liz...I know and have tried to say this ...but have never been able to...your expressions is perfect and complete and comes effortlessly (or so it seems) from your beautiful spirit.  You bless us with your poetry !!
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