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0 posted 2000-07-10 03:04 AM

They say that love is life
Or is it the demon in your soul?
It'll take your breathe away
And turn your heart to coal

Dont turn your back on love
Or it will take you too far down
To ever really recovery
And leave you without sound

Once there was a darkness
Deep and endless night
You gave me everything you had
Ahhhhhh you gave me light

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1 posted 2000-07-10 04:58 AM

WOW....superbly said, well done
P.S you need to tick the box though hon so we can vote for it  

Love is the life of the soul...
It is the harmony of the universe

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2 posted 2000-07-10 11:54 AM

Well said.  It is hard sometimes to know if love is the demon that can cause us pain or if it is the one element that gives us life.  You state it all very well.  A very nice job done in your writing.

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Blue Heaven
3 posted 2000-07-10 12:10 PM

Very well stated.


Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito. - Virgil.
"Yield thou not to adversity, but press on the more bravely".

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4 posted 2000-07-10 12:34 PM

Very well said, indeed.


Heather Miller
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Bryan, Ohio USA
5 posted 2000-07-30 12:28 PM

I liked this, so true.

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