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0 posted 2000-09-10 03:46 AM

When I cry

I taste my tears
When I cry
I can taste the pain
and the torment
I have bestowed upon myself
I plea for closure
When I cry
An end to the frustration
I felt
when you left me
I see your face
When I cry
See that time
you walked out the door
I knew I wouldn't see you
I feel the heartache
When I cry
In the pit of my stomach
my crumpled heart dies
and burries itself
within my soul
I scream your name out
When I cry
Lost and alone
wondering where you are
and what, if anything, it is
that you are thinking
I fall asleep
When I cry
dreaming of the day
that you and I will be together again
I give myself up
When I cry
Knowing deep down
That you and I will never be....

"It was my love that did us both to death. " -Sylvia Plath

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1 posted 2000-09-10 06:15 AM

I have felt these same feelings and it was the hardest thing in the world but healing does come and a new day arrives and time really does strengthen your will to survive.
When the pain is still fresh in our memories we cannot see the light...but time takes us to the light...and as time passes we begin to want to let go...and as time passes we will have the strength and courage to let go...James

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