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0 posted 2000-08-22 04:21 PM

Missing You

Many years have gone by
since me and you said goodbye.
Not my choice
you left against my will.
You despised me
and perhaps you always will.
I do regret that I was a jerk.
I only wanted a man who would
admire and appreciate you
and try to make our marriage work.
And now I'm sorry...
I wasn't the man you thought I would be.
I'm sorry...
I wasn't the man I knew I could be.
I didn't mean to hurt you
but your pain was guaranteed
because I took you for granted
and didn't provide the love we all need.
I didn't appreciate the beauty in your heart.
I should have realized that my selfishness
would eventually drive us apart.
Many years ago you inquired
why our marriage wouldn't work.
Only after you left me could
I admit I was a total jerk.
Actually I admitted I was another word
but I won't mention it now
because profanity is not allowed.
From my heart to yours
these last words I do impart.
I "miss" your tender kiss.
Sometimes I think of you
and regret all the Love we missed.
Yes it's true.
I'm missing you...


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1 posted 2000-08-22 06:24 PM

A lovely poem James.  We can never have back yesterday but we can keep the memoies of.....


It is a blessing to have wings for words, and passion in pen
Marina Crossley

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since 2000-05-06
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2 posted 2000-08-22 06:35 PM

Hi James, this one is difficult for me to read in its entirety however I succeed in doing so and I find myself at the close of verse with questions that come to mind .. why do people drift apart N why do people who once luv fall out of luv in time...

Good poem James I enjoyed this read

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Member Rara Avis
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The Shores of Alone
3 posted 2000-08-22 07:41 PM

I hope you share this with her, believe it or not, as a woman speaking here, I think it would mean a lot to her. Lovely, romantic and heartfelt poem. And we all do things we regret in relationships. Sad but true.

Bill Charles
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since 2000-07-11
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highways, & byways, for now
4 posted 2000-08-22 07:48 PM

Hi James,
You write so searchingly for your lost love. I can feel your pain, and you write one heck of a poem.

since 2000-07-25
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Baltimore, MD, USA
5 posted 2000-08-22 07:53 PM


Beautiful but sad poem.  If you and Beth get back together, it won't be the same.  Remember it could be better, or maybe, just too much hurt and it cannot heal itself.  Regardless, I can feel all of it in your writing.


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6 posted 2000-08-22 09:52 PM


      What a heartfelt emotional poem. By remembering the past and realizing our mistakes we can learn and become better people. Unfortunately, those lessons can be very hard to bare.

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Kapolei, Hawaii, USA
7 posted 2000-08-23 06:07 AM

Thank you Marina, Coco, catalina, Bill, didi, and rose.
Yes a hard lesson learned as regret creeps back around from time to time..but also some nice memories..
So long ago...she has remarried...and I have no hope or desire to be with her anymore...or do I...certainly the fact that I failed her so miserably would keep her from ever entertaining that notion.
I have written several in this mode and my son ask me if he could give a copy of one to her...the one called "American beauty".  I told him to go ahead if he believed it would not get her mad at me again...because believe me she bites...she loved me good and she hated me good.   I am not sure if he gave her a copy but if it was meant to be someday the opportunity will appear...James

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8 posted 2000-08-23 08:07 AM

Good morning, James
   I admire you for being able to put so much of your "self" into your writing. You seem to be a very introspective writer and person, and know just how to express what you're feeling. I try to do that with my own writing, though sometimes I tend to be a bit vague, I believe, simply because I have always been rather private with my thoughts. Thank you for sharing yours in such nice, poetic fashion.  

~ Claire

Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eyes for an instant?......Henry David Thoreau

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9 posted 2000-08-23 11:32 AM

Enjoyed it a lot!!!!!!!
since 2000-08-15
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Channelview, TX USA
10 posted 2000-08-23 01:21 PM

Very beautiful and yet sad. I really enjoyed it and do relate to it through a past relationship of mine.
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11 posted 2000-08-28 01:37 PM

Claire, vandana, and susan thank you for the nice replies.
Claire there was a time when I would not reveal my thoughts...this lack of communication helped destroy my marriage...I try to be more open now...sometimes perhaps a little too open...I need to find the right balance...James

since 2000-07-27
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12 posted 2000-08-28 01:43 PM

Oh, what a touching letter of apology.  This is so sweet.... why couldn't you be this sweet to start with and maybe you wouldn't
have needed to write this... LOL  Beautiful, honestly!!



Member Empyrean
since 1999-11-16
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Kapolei, Hawaii, USA
13 posted 2000-08-28 05:31 PM

lady that is a good point that comes across loud and clear
but now to late to do anything about it I fear.

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since 2000-06-12
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Earth 3rd Rock from the sun!!
14 posted 2000-08-28 05:41 PM

We must remember for every beginning there is an end and the lucky ones are lucky enough to find a full circle that never ends....maybe you can find your full circle my friend...wonderful piece....

Julie :)

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since 1999-11-16
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Kapolei, Hawaii, USA
15 posted 2000-08-29 08:11 PM

Thanks Julie...I will always miss her because she is the mother of my three sons.  James
since 2000-05-17
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16 posted 2000-08-29 10:24 PM

What a wonderful write!
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since 2000-08-05
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Nevada USA
17 posted 2000-08-30 03:50 PM

This is good......
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18 posted 2000-08-30 04:12 PM

Hey James, what a wonderful poem...
I agree with catalina, you should show it to her if you can, if you care about her , she needs to know how you truly feel.

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with you
19 posted 2000-08-30 04:21 PM

James~ this is excellent, I think you should show it to her, to maybe help heal some of the wounds inflicted from before....if my ex actually had enough heart to write something like this then I could possibly hate him a little less ( I bite too)   -SEA

Live,Love,Laugh :) ~SueB

Jenn E
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since 2000-08-02
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Kelowna, BC, Canada
20 posted 2000-08-30 04:27 PM

This was written with an unselfish heart. We grow in time and take each experience in life and learn from you so apparently have. Beautiful words. share them with her if you feel that is the right thing to do. You have a caring heart James.

Jenn E

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21 posted 2000-09-16 03:23 PM

Thank you all for the wonderful responses.
In honesty I would like to share this with her if it would make her feel better about us...I feel like she is happy just to be done with me...writing me off as a bad experience...I would if an opportunity presented itself...actually I have written several reflecting my pain and regrets for this lost relationship...and thank God that the pain has decreased over time but the regrets seem to increase...and there is pain in regret...James

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22 posted 2000-09-16 09:31 PM

      I know that you've been reading my mind on this one. . . it really says a lot. . . I know that you put a lot into this one. . .

Regret is strong. . . but if you really put all you had into it. . . that's all that you can do. . .

Excellent poem my friend. . . strength to you. . .


That which gives light must endure burning
--Victor Frankl

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