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0 posted 2000-12-08 12:52 PM

Santa's Visit

Bbbuuurrrr!  Cold December morning
two weeks  from Christmas Day
and counting as I looked across the morning's darkness,
stars still twinkling on high
Jack Frost reflections
graced the grass
Then within a instant I saw a Red  flash!!
What?  Rubing my eyes with a second look,
how could this be, Santa's timing mistook?

I called out saying, "Santa, its me, a grown up, Come here".
Peeking from around a nearby tree
there he stood staring back at me,
a smile so wide he could hardly hide
rosey cheeks and red dress suit
all decked out in his new black boots
as he wabbled toward my door.

Come in Santa, lets talk awhile
still he continued with that hugh bright smile.
I warmed some milk and made a bother,
pleasing him as he yawned and swallowed.

Inquiring where his sleigh might be
he sheepishly looked up and grined at me,
learning Santa would not squeak,
I removed the ropes from around his feet.

Said, Santa now your free to go,
don't forget the date you'll need to show!
Remember the request I placed in your pouch?
Otherwise, your secrets out!

"Santa", I said, as he walked away,
"DECEMBER 25th, Santa, that's the DAY"!

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1 posted 2000-12-09 01:42 AM

Hi kindasorta
This is definatley charming isn't it? Good ol'e Santa, he is so adorable. You looked after him well.
Enjoyed it very much.

Welcome to Passions!

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and fill every corner and crevice of
this earth, still this wouldn't be enough"
"Maree Russo"

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2 posted 2000-12-09 01:54 PM

I thought this was great. A wonderful read.
Happy holidays to you!

I was born myself, raised myself, and will continue to be myself. The world will just have to adjust.

I hate your socks. I'd like to burn them!

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3 posted 2000-12-16 08:22 PM


This was a cute, charming poem. I liked how you made Santa forgetful seeing how he is supposed to know everything (under God that is. You put me in the Holiday spirit. Thanks!   Take care.


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4 posted 2001-12-08 06:23 PM

This was sooo cute....I like your little visit with Santa!!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!


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