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Ron K. Fox
Senior Member
since 2000-10-24
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0 posted 2000-11-08 06:10 PM

Two sides of Christmas

Outside the tavern are rows of jolly faces
Rosy cheeks singing carols all full of cheer
While inside a lonely man sits drowning
In shots and his beer

Gifts, they are given this on this wonderful day
With colorful wrapping and bright ribbon locks
While in a dark and cold alley
Some one huddles alone, in a cardboard box

Children giggle, and smile, jump up and dance
This special day they know will surely bring joy
While some children wonder
Why they can’t have a toy

Dinners and feasts will fill tables this day
Family and friends arrive to share all the tastes
While somewhere behind an old building
Someone searches for a tidbit deep in the waste

People rush here and there in holiday spirit
Greetings abound with happy destinations to walk to
As an elderly woman sits by her window
With not a soul here to talk to

A vacation time at last, meant to enjoy
So sit back, relax and put up your feet
While some one must work through it
So they can make ends meet

So this Christmas, Oh, please do enjoy
All of the wonderful cheer and Holiday spirit
But if come upon a small voice, asking for giving
Please have a heart, listen closely, you may hear it.

A simple gesture, such as word, a smile
Or the kind act of just reaching out
Then someone’s Christmas will be Christmas
And that’s what it’s all about.

Tossing words like wishful coins into the deep well of an open heart. R. fox

© Copyright 2000 Ronald Kenneth Fox - All Rights Reserved
Dopey Dope
Deputy Moderator 1 Tour
Member Patricius
since 2000-08-30
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San Juan, Puerto Rico
1 posted 2000-11-08 06:32 PM

Hey this was so great. I liked how you made the first two lines of each stanza be a positive aspect of the holiday times and then the last 2 lines be a part of the everyday situations some people have to go through.
Helping out is a wonderful thing to do, I know i'll pitch in my part. Hope all of you will too!

Wonderful poem!

I was born myself, raised myself, and will continue to be myself. The world will just have to adjust.

I hate your socks. I'd like to burn them!

Member Seraphic
since 1999-08-22
Posts 22648

2 posted 2000-11-11 03:53 PM

I agree, Ron! I think we should all be sensitive to those lonely and needy souls around us and include them in our celebrations, if possible. I'm sure most of us can think of someone who would be grateful for the invitation!


Member Elite
since 2000-08-05
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On the streets w/ people
3 posted 2000-11-13 03:18 PM

What a great message and great poem!

"Disagreements stimulate thought, thought stimulates action, and action stimulates life." --Me!!

Member Elite
since 2000-05-06
Posts 3043

4 posted 2000-11-13 11:18 PM

Ron, I had a couple of tears in this one the message is just too real...

I compliment you for putting this into a poem and how you have tenderly expressed it...


Junior Member
since 2000-04-06
Posts 48
5 posted 2000-11-14 04:32 AM

Sadly this poem is so true.
I feel lucky to know I have parents and a girlfriend who love me and christmas will be a joyous occasion for us.
I also understand there are people without hope, without love, with nothing  

Great poem.

"shun the frumious Bandersnatch!"
Killer222 :)

The Poetic Plumber
Junior Member
since 2000-11-05
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6 posted 2000-11-14 09:49 PM

You wrote the contrast so well..
I am sad that it is so true.  Maybe someday mankind will wake up.  Everyone should read your poem.  Roger  

Senior Member
since 2000-06-20
Posts 1090
Pearl city Iowa
7 posted 2000-11-15 12:58 PM

I'm at a loss sometimes when I see the buy,buy buy, attitude towards christmas, every year the stores stock up earlier and earlier, kids put more pressure onto their parents for more expensive gifts, instead of a time of reflection and human kindness, it becomes a super stress rat race. Your words are a solomn reminder of what the season is really about. I enjoyed it. Thank you


Deputy Moderator 5 ToursDeputy Moderator 1 Tour
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since 2000-06-25
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Peterborough, Ontario Canada
8 posted 2000-11-15 05:27 PM

The more I read, the more I am pleasantly surprised at how many see Christmas through another person's eyes.  You write with a great passionate heart.  I enjoyed this poem greatly.
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