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Elizabeth Santos
Member Rara Avis
since 1999-11-08
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0 posted 2000-11-15 07:51 AM

The Christmas Dove

Little smiles of happiness await the special day
Little eyes of wonder look at visions on display
Little hearts anticipating stockings filled with love
All will happen in the waking of the Christmas Dove

The Chistmas Dove starts gathering the little children’s prayers
Of special gifts that they will find when they come down the stairs
He carries them on wings of white to heavens up above
This is the duty God assigned the little Christmas Dove

He perches on the window sill as child says a prayer
Then flies away up high into the crystal midnight air
Laden with the massages of wishes from afar
God takes each one and places it within a loved ones heart

Little feet of tiptoe soft step down the stairway slow
Christmas lights and tinsel make their little faces glow
Little hearts aware that there is love beneath the tree
Waiting for their little hands to find them anxiously

No matter rich or poor the home, the love is all the same
And  God provides a Christmas gift inscribed with each child’s name
A wish for just one gift of love is granted through a prayer
And little children find their dreams are waiting for them there

Unaware the wintery snow and wind of icy chill
And little Christmas Dove who's watching from the window sill

Elizabeth Santos

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© Copyright 2000 Elizabeth Santos - All Rights Reserved
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since 2000-06-20
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Pearl city Iowa
1 posted 2000-11-15 12:36 PM

A great poem full of christmas spirit and wonderful imagery, makes me remeber the warmth and simpicity of a god old traditional christmas. Thank you for sharing this Elizabeth.


Dopey Dope
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Member Patricius
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San Juan, Puerto Rico
2 posted 2000-11-15 03:23 PM

This poem was great. Hit the spot today...... a lovely trip back into the once was of christmas holiday....

I was born myself, raised myself, and will continue to be myself. The world will just have to adjust.

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3 posted 2000-11-15 04:16 PM

Liz, this is such a beautiful piece. I love how you represented all of the joy and hope of Christmas into such a beautiful animal. I have a pet dove, and I know how beautiful and graceful they are.  

I hope the Christmas dove visits you 2394734 times!!!

False gems may shine as brightly as the genuine article, but there are always those who can tell the difference.

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Peterborough, Ontario Canada
4 posted 2000-11-15 05:10 PM

What a heart-warming poem.  As I read it, I remembered all the Christmases past when I was a little girl tip-toing down the stairs, my hands anxiously waiting to see what they could unwrap.  A very precious poem indeed.
Deputy Moderator 1 TourDeputy Moderator 1 Tour
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5 posted 2000-11-15 07:17 PM

I think that this is just precious. Nice idea, that of the Christmas Dove.


Member Ascendant
since 1999-10-28
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state of confusion
6 posted 2000-11-15 10:01 PM

Absoultely stunning, Elizabeth!


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