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0 posted 2000-11-05 04:06 PM

                                Vicissitudes of summer's flight,
                                Wings of geese at frost's first bite,
                                Pumpkins ripened on the vine,
                                As hunter's moon, above does shine,
                                Fiery blaze of autumn's glory,
                                Portends Persophene's purgatory,
                                Cornucopias of fruited plain,
                                Bounties of Demeter's grain,
                                Verdant valleys, rising mist,
                                Sleeping flora by Helios kissed,
                                As zephyr warms a cooling land,
                                Last vestige of hot summer's hand.
                                Nature yields her offeratory,
                                As man gives thanks for harvest's glory.

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1 posted 2000-11-05 04:14 PM

Wow! This is fantastic, Mike! Perfect for the holiday!


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2 posted 2000-11-05 06:41 PM

Such a vivid description of autumns phases!  Your thankfulness shines through.   Rae
Poet deVine
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3 posted 2000-11-05 08:10 PM

Your imagery is superior to almost everyone here! This is magnificent!    
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4 posted 2000-11-05 11:41 PM

Very nicely written!   You seem to be a scholar of the classics.  

To love another person is to see the face of God.
- Les Miserables


Dopey Dope
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5 posted 2000-11-06 12:25 PM

This was great! To put it simply....I simply loved it!

"I was born myself, raised myself, and will continue to be myself. The world will just have to adjust."

I hate your socks. I'd like to burn them!

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6 posted 2000-11-07 02:46 PM

What a wonderful way with words! Great poem!

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7 posted 2000-11-23 11:54 AM

Happy Thanksgiving!
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