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0 posted 2000-01-29 01:32 AM

To have sex
Or to not have sex
That should be the question
The question that’s answer
Could mean living
Or dying
Dying of that terrible disease
That terrible disease know as AIDS

“What about it” you ask
“I can’t get AIDS,” you say
“Besides, I wont get AIDS if I only have sex once with a person” you ask
Oh, foolish person.
Don’t have sex
Except with the one you love
The one you want to be with forever
“Forever?” you say
“Why not just a day”
Well, a day isn’t forever I say
Oh, but you just have to say
“But it’s just one day”
“One day that I get some play”
But think!

Put that brain of yours to work!
Why do you think it was put there?
So you can be a jerk?
Do you think you are doing the right thing?
By spending a day acting like you care
When you only want a little play?

Why must you put everything at risk?
Would you take that risk?
Just to get that frisk?
Or would you just get that kiss
That kiss from that lovely girl

But think!
What would happen if you didn’t venture that way?
Would the relationship take a big sway?
A big sway for the better
And remember, you just met her

You just met her that night
That night that was such a delight
Because you met this beautiful girl
This beautiful girl you hardly know
For you only see from head to toe

You haven’t looked on the inside
To see the wonderful girl she is
For all she is to you
Is another doll to play with?
“And who knows” you think
“If I am lucky, I could get two”

Damnit boy
Think not with that!
But with your brain
That’s why it is there

Do you really want to do this?
Risk getting infected with that disease
Why the hell must I do this for you?
I am only the still small voice that will be with you
You must make the decision
To ask for some play
Or just call it a day

Oh, what a great choice
I knew you cared
Even if you didn’t get some play
You know what you did probably made her day
She didn’t have to take off anything
She is probably happy enough to sing

And you know-
You two are still friends
Perhaps more
Maybe less
But friendship is far better than sex
And you know it.

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Floating gently on a cloud....
1 posted 2000-01-29 05:23 AM

Very thought provoking and,like all the rest of your poetry, brilliant. You have a real talent and I hope it gives you lots of pleasure now and forever.

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el paso
2 posted 2000-01-29 07:25 PM

I didnt think guys could admit they often think not using their brains. that poem was very good.

 Love isn't a miracle in life, the miracle of life is love.

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3 posted 2000-01-29 09:46 PM

This is a very good piece and you have some good thoughts here. I would like you to clean up a couple of words though. Otherwise it is a good piece.  
Dusk Treader
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4 posted 2000-01-30 12:59 PM

Defintely a good poem here with a good message.  Us guys do need to wait and think with our heads.  

 In flames I shall not be consumed, but reborn. -- Abrahm Simons

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