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California! Yeah! Okay, I'm done now

0 posted 2000-01-27 09:38 PM

Awakened from a tenderness lost with a flame
     I open my eyes
     holding a forever breath
     and begin to cry
You can lose so much with just a kiss
You can remember so little with a life
     Yet you never feel the loss
     until you awaken
O whisper of the dream again
When I had fought so hard until now
Only to find that what I had wanted
Was everything I had
Before I awakened

If you seal yourself away from the nightmares
     all you can ever feel is sorrow
For you know you've been locked away forever
     forever, sealed by a lonely dream
It seems all dreary in a cage
     not of your own making
     yet built from your own hands
It seems all is lost
     when you hear all the answers
     and never the question
All you want to do is to get out
     To be free!
     To live again!
To escape this menace that we so fondly call
     a hope
     a wish
     a dream

Awakened yet again to another day
O all the regret you feel now!
When you remember what you could have had
Inside that lonely place
Broken, lost more than ever before,
     you can remember all the wandering done there
     you can recall every plague of thought that pained
     you can miss what you had acutely
What good is it to awaken?
     To a world such as now?
What meaning would anyone take?
     For someone to be set free?
All you want is to get out
     never thinking
     what would happen
     if you did

What good is it to dream anymore?
      I wonder all the time
What happens if you wake or sleep?
     And I go neither way
Once before I had been in such a place
     A place where there was no you
     A place where there was only wandering
     A place called a dream

Do you know where your going?
      When you say your dream is to live?
Many people wander aimlessly
     sealed away
     lost forever
     hopeless inside
     a dream
I wonder now, and I wished I did then
What made me want to escape so?
     No you
     No me
     No cold
     No heat
     all wandering
I wasn't anyone there
I was just another us
But I was always running away
To fine myself

So we search for the one that we want
     some of you
     some of me
     some heat
     some cold
     and knows who you are inside
We search for the escape we think we want
And later to find dismay
      that what you had always lived for
     what you really wanted
     was still locked away
And never wanted to be

 "Sometimes stars can only be seen in darkness."

"Sorrow's crown of sorrow is remembering happier things."

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Floating gently on a cloud....
1 posted 2000-01-28 04:17 PM

This is such a beautiful poem! It is so...poignant.I enjoyed it so much. But it's so sad.
It is one of those that if you are in a good mood it makes you feel lucky that life is so good but if you are depressed it'll make you cry.
Keep writing, I'll be looking out for your next poem.

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new orleans
2 posted 2000-01-28 08:51 PM

astraea: enchanting   i love the form of the poem and the words flow smoothly despite the varied verse length... very good poem... i'll keep an eye out for more of yours in the future...

jerome the boy that wants more kool-aid

 A savage place! as holy and enchanted
As e'er beneath a waning moon was haunted
By woman wailing for her demon-lover!

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