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since 2000-01-22
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0 posted 2000-01-22 01:55 AM

today is very boring
its very boring today
there's not much to do
there's not much to say
there's a kangaroo outside my window
playing chess with a baboon
there's 2 heavily dressed lizards
having sword fight using spoons
today is very boring
there's not much happening here
there's a knight slaying a dragon
while riding Santa's reindeer
my dog is dancing tango
with my neighbor's pet shark
my parrot is singing Figaro
and there is Noah's Ark
Today is getting boring
i think i might just yawn
there's a flying saucer
that just landed on my lawn
there's a monkey in the bathroom
teaching my brother how to shave
there's penguins in my freezer
using iceblocks to build a cave
i am getting really bored now
i think i'll close my eyes
there's nothing left to do now
but to sing sweet lullabies.

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since 2000-01-19
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Massachusetts ~USA~
1 posted 2000-01-22 11:47 AM

This was so cute and imaginitive. It made me giggle. Keep em' coming.

Thanks for brightening up my morning.
I hope my days not boring!

"A true friend will always stay a friend
whether or not you feel as though the friendship or relationship is about to end."

since 1999-12-02
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2 posted 2000-01-22 06:30 PM

What an imagination you have!  How could your life be boring?  I mean,  who could come up with " there's a monkey in the bathroom teaching my brother how to shave "! I know how those days feel though.  Good job.

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since 2000-01-15
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3 posted 2000-01-23 12:21 PM

I love youre poem it brightent my night. And is probebly going to brightent tomorrow too.

Thank You.

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since 2000-01-10
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San Jose, CA, USA
4 posted 2000-01-23 11:24 AM

Heh, very nice. You brought a much needed smile to my face  

 I am not a poet, I am merely one who speaks in emotion

Junior Member
since 2000-01-24
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5 posted 2000-01-24 11:23 PM

Good job! I think this poem is quite creative and even as far as silly! But, I liked it! Write more!
Senior Member
since 2000-01-13
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North Carolina
6 posted 2000-01-24 11:46 PM

Thanx...i needed that  
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