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0 posted 2000-01-24 01:34 PM

The days are gone
when friends were true.
I've found out the truth
things you already knew.
You played with me
like I was a toy.
Now I cant smile
even though I gave you joy.
Then another walked away
and now I want to cry.
But I told him how I felt
and in return I got a sigh.
He's forgotten his freinds
love controls his mind.
What will it take for him to see
all the good he left behind?
Then there is her
the one who cant trust me.
I dont know what I did
but in her eyes, thats what I see.

THis is to all the freinds that I feel like I am losing, and how I dont know how to make them happy enough to stay around. but if those friendships end, I hope that we will all survive and be stronger.

<font face="Arial, Verdana" size="1" color="#000080"> ~The price of finding love is to eventually lose it. When I wish on a falling star, I wish not for material goods but to show kindness to others and be content with what the world may offer me~

~Maitay Mirabel Litton~


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1 posted 2000-01-24 02:18 PM

loved the poem. It's hard when it feels like you are losing someone, believe me..that poem is my life...suits me to a tee..Thanks for posting it. I have to go..I have some friends to call.  
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2 posted 2000-01-24 08:14 PM

this was very well put, i think EVERYONE goes through something like this in their lifetime. I made a mistake once, and now have lost her forever. It was hard, but now she's gone and i can't do a single thing about it. Just hang in there, and think before you speak :

"A true friend will always stay a friend
whether or not you feel as though the friendship or relationship is about to end."

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