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This poem was written to a girl that I chatted with for quite sometime. We really don't keep in touch now but, it's helpful to know this because it will make more sense!

The gorgeous colors of the blue skies
That is the color of her beautiful eyes
Her skin is that of Cashmere and soft to the touch
her smile and laugh however are just a bit much
When she does smile, time starts to cease
And when she's asleep, the world is at peace
Her beauty is that of which no one can tell
But no need to worry--She' just an Angel
An Angel of the heart and mind
To heal the soul and to be kind
Her laugh is the cool breezes in the spring
And I never have fears when under her wing
In the summer she's the ocean, where everyone's near
She shows the path in life in which way to steer
In the fall she's the wonderous cool crisp air
When I see this Angel, I will only stop and stare
In the winter she warms s she is the hot soothing fire
In my life she's loved, cried and been an inspire
She's in every tear that comes from my eye
And she's the one who quickly makes them dry
I wish to fall in Love, but I don't know when
I had a broken heart and she started it up again
May I run my fingers through your soft blond hair?
May we sit on the beach so I can just stare?
Can we float away on a raft, just to enjoy the sight?
Then can I sing to you and kiss your sweet eyes goodnight?
Move down from your eyes and onto your cheek
Baby you kiss me back and it makes me quite weak
Then when the nights over and if I'm allowed
Will you hold me and sing to me on your elegant cloud?
Each day I don't see you my heart grows less
Only wishing it was your beautiful face that I could caress
We may never meet in person, or so it seems
But that is why we both have dreams
Whenever I want to feel happy or to feel true
Baby you know I'll come running straight to you
In terms of Love Angel, it's been a rough past
The Love's in my life just don't seem to last
I am waiting for the day when you leave me
But beauty such as yours could never be mine, so I'll see
But I hope that change doesn't come soon
Because Baby we still haven't watched the moon
We still havent' cuddled or held each other close
And, My Sweet Angel Jessica, I haven't told you I Love you the most

 Seth Madden

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1 posted 2000-01-25 10:00 AM

Hey, this poem you wrote is probably my favorite one i've read so far.  I love your writing, it's detailed and it has alot of emotion.

 "It's my heart that pounds beneath my flesh
it's my mouth that pushes out this breath..."-FTE

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