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0 posted 2000-01-16 06:58 AM

Sweeping the floor outside the church
the leaves flying in the numbing wind,
I hear the choir singing a christmas song
and all I can do is to hum along.

I rub my filthy hands to warm me up
and take a step in my ragged boots.
The sound of joyous laughter, merry singing
the girls are playing the boys are joking.

My hair, caked hard with dirt
shields me from the bright lighting.
I dare not show myself to these people
whose lives seem so carefree, actions so gentle.

But sumthing else shined than evening
so majestic it caught my eye;
What a smile, loved and perfect
unspeakable joy it could infect.

Wide eyes innocent and mild,
exuberance that only comes from a child,
graceful movements and a heavenly voice,
sweet gentle calming, her soothing noise.

Hair tied up and firmly pined down,
smile so complete, that never would frown,
face pure and fair no blemish in sight,
in the dark she was brightest of bright.

Warm tears raced down my red sunburnt face
to see such a wonder, I was disgraced;
That such a rare and worthless gem
still survived in this evil age of men.

That she would glance upon me
I never would dare dream,
but God in dying must have blessed me
from all pain, I was set free.

She took my hand, and held it in hers,
and with her hair, she dried my dead tears,
with her eyes she looked into my soul,
in her smile, God was in control.

Oh what have I done, that I should derserve
to be even looked upon, by someone i love.
Even so wipe away my tears
and a smile, to drive away my fears.

That face so beautiful, undescribly sweet,
that smile that touched me, when we did meet,
the eyes that gave me, something to hold,
and the love that restored, my pain battered soul.

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1 posted 2000-01-16 05:34 PM

Oh! this was so incredibly beautiful... you expressed your emotions wonderfully with our limited english language  
great job!!!

 Don't Fall.. Rise in Love

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