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New York, N.Y. USA

0 posted 2000-01-15 01:27 AM

I miss you much.
I miss your soft, gentle touch.
I miss the happiness we've shared.
I walking around you bare.
I miss playing video games.
I miss it when you'd say my name.
]I miss all your silly, harmless lies.
I miss how u used to hold
and comfort me,when i'd cry.
I miss your beautiful brown eyes.
I miss the way you'd caress my thighs.
I miss those soft, full lips.
I miss the way we used to kiss.
I miss you rubbing my breasts.
I miss laying on your chest.
I miss being together,late at night.
I miss the way you made my days bright.
I miss our fights.
I miss you, because you're out of sight.
I miss planning our lives together.
I miss believing that we'd be forever.
I miss it when you'd call.
I miss giving you my all.
I miss fantasizing about a diamond ring.
I miss everything.
I miss you so much, lately.
I miss you so much, baby.
I miss you so much, now that your gone.
I'm gonna miss missing you,
because now i must move on.

© Copyright 2000 nicnac8 - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2000-01-15 12:58 PM

Wow this is one of the best poems yet! I have to congradulate you on this one. This touched my heart deeply and I cant beleive nobody has replied to it, but they are missing out, please by all means keep up the poems like this!
since 1999-11-23
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2 posted 2000-01-15 07:10 PM

nice poem!  very sad but touching too, i would feel just about the same way if my boyfriend was gone.  is this from your own experience? keep it up..its really good.

since 1999-11-09
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California! Yeah! Okay, I'm done now
3 posted 2000-01-15 09:57 PM

Wow.  This is precisely how I felt when my relationship with my boyfriend broke apart, only I haven't gotten part the last line yet.  Nevertheless, lovely poem and very strongly put.


 "Sometimes stars can only be seen in darkness."

"Sorrow's crown of sorrow is remembering happier things."

since 1999-12-02
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4 posted 2000-01-15 11:41 PM

Such dexterous writer you are. The poem was good. I can feel the sadness radiating from it.
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5 posted 2000-01-16 01:22 AM

I thanku all 4 taking the time out to read my poem and replying. Yes, part of it is from an old relationship. Writing poetry just helps me cope w/ break-ups. I believe that poetry is very therapeutic and that it is a positive way to express your feelings.Astraea I hope this poem helps u.
Jer thanx 4 the compliment, although I had 2 pull out the dictionary 2 find out what dextrous means.

"It's better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all."

"All hearts are broken, beware those who never pick up the pieces."


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6 posted 2000-01-17 07:48 PM

i love it!!! this actually reminds me of my boyfriend, who, is now in Connecticut, while im stuck here in West Virginia   but i kno hell always love me, no matter where i go  

since 1999-11-23
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7 posted 2000-01-17 09:06 PM

Thats a ****ing sweet poem keep up the good ****ing work!!!!

 "Live to love or why live at all"
Deano :)

since 1999-12-02
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8 posted 2000-01-17 10:56 PM

Oh....  I'm sorry.  I thought you would have known it meant skillful. Ohhh.. well as long as you know what I was talking about.  
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9 posted 2000-01-17 11:24 PM

Hey, nice work! It sounds like how I would feel if I ever got that someone and lost him...

Tamma, I am also stuck in WV!

 "To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world"

since 2000-01-14
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10 posted 2000-01-18 10:39 AM

i love the way you can put your feelings into words.  i felt that way when i broke up with one of my old boyfriends, too  
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New York, N.Y. USA
11 posted 2000-01-18 10:33 PM

Hey, thanku evry1, I didn't expect this many replies,actually i didn't expect any. Any way i really appreciate it. That's cool Tamma, u and ur boyfriend must really b in love. Thanx Dean, I think. Jer- I figured it out, It's good 2 use big words - it shows ur intelligence. Im going 2 use that word - dextrous, hmmmm. And I love the quote at the end of ur reply, LoveBug- id like to be some1's world.
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12 posted 2000-01-19 05:22 PM

Wow, your poem totally discribs how I feel right now, it just about made me cry. Awsome work.

 He has made everything beautiful in its time
Ecclesiastes 3:11


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13 posted 2000-01-20 11:41 PM

This was great. It made me teary eyed. It also makes me think about my boyfriend and I. Everything has been awful lately, but I don't want to break up for the reasons you listed in your poem. I'm just so afraid. Stuff like this can really encourage someone that they do need to move on. I just wish I had the strength, but I'm too scared to have to deal with those feelings.

"A true friend will always stay a friend
whether or not you feel as though the friendship or relationship is about to end."

since 1999-06-21
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Florissant, Missouri, USA
14 posted 2000-01-21 01:25 AM

I love this poem.  Sounds like something I would've written after I broke up with my boyfriend.  Beautiful work.
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New York, N.Y. USA
15 posted 2000-01-21 10:59 PM

Hey, thanx evry1. I really appreciate the replies.I had no idea that 1 of my poems could actually make a person get ready to cry.Stefanie- i hope that evry thing works out with u and ur boyfriend, and if not, just remember:
"It is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all."

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