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Teen Poetry #2
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Oh Love, you make a will of me
And my heart trusts you no more
Your cruel traps of trickery
That you set for me before
You made me fall in love so deep
I thought I'd never rise
And while at night I'd try to sleep
You'd whisper your sweet lies
You made me love for two whole years
A girl whom love would not return
And made me walk away in tears
With a lesson I thought I'd learned
I tried to forget the love I'd had
I did not speak or think of her
and after a time, my heart grew glad
For in my dreams, she ceased to appear
But love your game stil was not done
And your trap so cleverly set
For in time I fell in love with one
From whom love I could expect
In all my seventeen years of life
Those three months were the best
The only time in all my strife
I felt that I was blessed
But my joy was all too short
When 2 years and I re-met
Nothing would come out of it, or so I thought
I decision I would regret
The pit I'd dug two years ago
That I'd tried to climb out of
Dragged me back to dwell below
And give up my beloved
Oh Love, you made me think it fair
To sacrifice one who loved me
Because my soul and heart was not there
And because I lived another deeply
So three months of joy did end
And two years shadow loom across
And while my heart would slowly mend
My soul still mourned my loss
But Love, you were not finished
When three months came to call
And I found my love diminished
For her not at all
She had found someone else
Who would not treat her cruelly
As I had done myself
Before so foolishly
So now alone I sit at night
And I wonder still
That I could hate you, Love, with all my might
But still bend to your will.

© Copyright 1999 Tal - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2000-03-03 12:12 PM

Another nice piece.
I like the concept of love
being like an entity.
But.... the way you seem to interpret
l can't fully agree with
Love is so, so much more than
a feeling.It's more along the lines of
a commitment a choice and truly the
essence is everlasting.

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navwin » Archives » Teen Poetry #2 » Love, You Make A Fool Of Me

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