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0 posted 1999-10-12 12:30 PM

If I wrote you a letter
you'd know how I feel.
The day you left without a word
as if I was no big deal.
All the things we went through
the good and the bad.
I thought you'd think of me
and all that we had.
I just asked for your freindship
all I got was a lie.
When my thoughts return to you
it takes all I have not to cry.
People dont understand
and they probly never will.
We said so much and felt to much
yet they wonder why such pain I feel.
Because you hating leaving
with out saying goodbye.
You pretended to hate me
and not once did you cry.
I beleived all that you said about love
that we were meant to be.
I never cared if we were together
my memory's photo was all I could see.
did you really have to lie
and brake my heart in two?
When you always did know
I would kill myself for you.
For some time all I believed
was that you were my best freind.
How was I to know that when you were done
the fun would all end.
I entrusted you with my secrets
and told you stories from my past.
This was a trust for true freindship
how is it that this didn't last?
You could have told me you hated me
and all my childish ways.
Becuase for some time after you left
my mind felt trapped in an endless maze.
They all think they knew you
but what I saw was so diffrent.
I just wonder if one day,
to me will you make a compitment?
I love you but have come to see
that I am happy just with me.
That no strings attached is the way I'll go
so I'll know no hurt will follow.
I ask once more this painful question
was someone loving you for you to much to swallow?

~The price of finding love is to eventually lose it. When I wish on a falling star, I wish not for material goods but to show kindness to others and be content with what the world may offer me~

~Maitay Mirabel Litton~

© Copyright 1999 Ember - All Rights Reserved
Paul Hoekman
since 1999-12-28
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Harwinton Ct. U>S>A>
1 posted 2000-03-02 08:25 PM

Keep on writing,
I like your style!

Danny Holloway
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since 2000-01-15
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Tulsa, OK
2 posted 2000-03-07 11:08 AM

One of the hardest things we must do is try to understand why some people do the things they do, especially if their actions hurt us.
Difficult thing to struggle with.
Writing I believe helps us deal with inner feelings that should be let out.
Nice job with this piece.
Will be looking for more of your work.

since 2000-01-20
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Bonduel, WI USA
3 posted 2000-03-07 11:23 AM

I can relate all to well with this poem.  I think you did a really good job.  I think that you have expressed you feelings very well here, I just wish I could do that in my case.  Very good, and keep up the good writing!
- Gina

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