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Jeremy Halstead
Senior Member
since 2000-06-01
Posts 569
Morris, Ill. U.S.A

0 posted 2000-06-08 03:48 AM


Simple segments conveyed by mouth;
simple in their sound.
Simple not in emotion or heart
or what they may have found.

Eternal chatter, filling time;
substance not aloud
Killing tension, killing hours
like a snow white cloud.

Words of meaning, great in depth
are sent to those who hurt.
Soothing sounds of a companions love
filtering out the dirt.

Simply stated or rambled in vien
or pounded by the chalk...
every word is relevent
when people sit and talk.

Jeremy D. Halstead


© Copyright 2000 Jeremy D. Halstead - All Rights Reserved
LeeAnne Dk
Junior Member
since 2000-06-07
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1 posted 2000-06-08 10:30 AM

Hello there, I have to say that that was a great poem. It really says it all about talking. Good job..:P

since 1999-09-23
Posts 322
Vereeniging, South-Africa
2 posted 2000-06-08 02:17 PM

Great poem, I loved it and like Lee anne said, it says everything.

Great jog  

 Waves...amazing hey? Wind blowing over smoothe ocean water creates shear. The longer the wind blows, and the futher the fetch, the more energy gets transferred from the wind to the water. What started off as a breeze 1 000km away, ends up as a glass-faced barrel at some far off beach.

since 2000-06-04
Posts 147
Hilton Head, SC, USA
3 posted 2000-06-08 03:02 PM

i liked this one, it conveys to the reader the importance of talking AND listening, and makes the person remeber a good or bad time with evbery rythem, i like it alot

 always follow your heart, never follow others unless it is truely where you want to go, and never give up a dream, maybe just set it aside for a while... :)

since 2000-04-09
Posts 491
4 posted 2000-06-08 04:37 PM

Hi Jeremy
I like to listen more to people than talking myself and I believe that its not encouragin. sincerity while talking is very essential in  the understanding of people.


Artic Wind
Member Rara Avis
since 2007-09-16
Posts 8080
Realm of Supernatural
5 posted 2007-11-15 07:07 PM



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