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A boyfriend means-
best pal, best friend.
How can you let,
this friendship end.

You were both so happy,
for about a year.
But your bond just grew weaker,
with every tear.

It was time to go,
back to just friends.
She just wasn't happy,
it had to end.

She said "Let me think,
I just need some space.
Don't wander too far,
you're still my first place."

You acted like you were hurt,
I love you, don't go.
Did i do the right thing,
please help me, I need to know.

She had second guesses,
should she reconsider.
But now you're a jerk,
acting rude and bitter.

Four days went by,
maybe it all settled in.
Yeah right, we were wrond,
cuz you're dating her best friend.

Some people are slime,
and others are flowers.
I'd make you fungus,
with all of my powers.

You broke her heart,
tore it in two.
How could you ever say-
I Love You?

I wrote this poem about my sister and her break-up with her boyfriend.  She told him she just needed some space and he told her he was broken hearted and couldn't go on but four days after they broke up he started going out with her best friend.

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1 posted 2000-05-25 01:03 AM

Greetings from your friendly neighborhood Deranger...

Ah the "I just need space" line, reminestant of the "Its not you, its me" line.  Relationships are so messed up these days...Anyone remember elementary school relationships?  You saw the person like once a week!  No sex, no worrin'...ah, the price of freedom.  Its seems when your younger, you want to be older, but when your older, you only want ot be younger....  Anywho, there i go completely off the subject, hehe.  Nice and easy to relate to, maybe you should show this to your sister???


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