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I am lying there seemingly dead
Until you come
A fair maiden with hair softer and finer than any silk created
You kneel down by my side and gently touch my face
Even though I am not there I can feel the rose petal that is your soft skin
You then lean forward while putting your lips to mine and give me a gentil kiss
And I awake not recognizing that kiss that was smooth and sweet like a strawberry
Then my eyes meet yours and I am reminded of two eternal flames
That burn brilliantly in the darkness of this world
Then you give me a sweet innocent smile, which reminds me of playing with a kitten in the sun
And the you take a deep breath
I catch a bit of it and am reminded of a gentil summers breeze that is blowing over a mountainside
Causing all things to become innocent and sweet
Then you say I Love You which wraps me up in an indestructable blanket
That protects me from the horror and evil of this world
At the end of the day we sit arm in arm on one of the many beautiful rolling hills
And watch the sun set on the most perfect of days.

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1 posted 2000-05-25 01:08 AM

Welcome to the family, please check your email...

I liked the imagery of this poem...has an almost 'medieval' feel to it...I look forward to reading more from you..  

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