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In His Arms, Harpers Ferry, WV

0 posted 2000-05-07 01:24 PM

Seventeen years old,
And still "Daddy’s little girl”.

Not much I can say,
Not much that can be done.

I want to go out and run around,
But father just doesn’t want to let go.

Still loving Papa,
Growing to love another.

Father just doesn’t
And can't understand.

How can I tell him,
That I love Mikel?

Graduation is coming up,
Gotta let him know.

Why doesn’t it show,
That I care for him so?

My heart was in Papa’s hands,
But Mikel stole it away.

Now Papa is left wondering,
Just where his little girl went…

 (if ya ever wanna chat, you can IM me on AOL: sexikitticat -or- pom16pom)

© Copyright 2000 Tamma M. Wilson - All Rights Reserved
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kortrijk in belgium
1 posted 2000-05-07 04:17 PM

it brought tears in my eyes
love this one

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2 posted 2000-05-08 12:36 PM

i can relate to this.  i tell my parents how much i love michael, yet they just don't believe me or quite understand it.  keep it up, it was great.  rachel
Danny Holloway
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3 posted 2000-05-10 10:46 AM

Tamma, always know that your father wants the best for you.  Being a parent is a tremendous responsibiliy.  Parents that really love their children often times are over protective.  Many wonderful things are ahead for you and in time you will understand and appreciate the many ways your father is trying to say "I Love You".
Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!
The adventure soon begins!

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