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0 posted 2000-04-22 02:59 PM

Years of hurt and pain; crying and shame
Only to be wiped away; with you to blame
Unbelievable; someone can love me like you
Making me happy with everything you do
And in your eyes I see all that I want to be
Kind and loving, to my heart you hold the key
Every time I see you, I can not help but smile
Loving you makes my life worth while
Inside of your arms where I want to be forever
Freed is my soul, and now I will cry never
Even if you stop loving me, I will love you more
With all my heart, you will be the one I will adore
On the day we met, I knew there was no other
Realizing  I could never even be with another
Tears of happiness instead of those of anguish
Healing all the pain inside and all of the languish
Lighting up my life what all that you do and say
I have never; in my entire life; felt this way
Visions of you and I, make me feel so good within
In all my life, this is the happiest I've ever been
Not wanting you to leave, please just stay awhile
Giving you my love, cause you make life worth while.


© Copyright 2000 Susan Acacio - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2000-04-22 06:49 PM

WOW BEAUTIFUL this is the best poetry i have ever read. There is just not enough words to describe this, you better never stop writting.


Yu Lan
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New Zealand
2 posted 2000-04-22 07:51 PM

aah, this is nice.. a lot of love.. ^_^
just lovely, Suzie

Alpiner.. hehe, u better get used to poetry like this, there is a lot of great talent in these forums.. I'll look forward to reading some of yours. ^_^


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3 posted 2000-04-22 09:24 PM

  Thanks hun. You're the best     . Thanks for all your support in my writing. I luv ya.

Yu Lan,
  Thank you too. But I think Alpiner has a with you completely, there is an right to be especially impressed with this considering it was written for him. I agree overwhelming amount of talent in these forums, most of which I can't even come close to. He was being his normal sweet self and offering his support. Thanks again     .


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4 posted 2000-04-22 10:09 PM

oh, now that poem is just beautiful, I know exactly how you feel.

 "Sa souvraya niende missian ye." \
I am lost in my own mind.

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice
From what I've tasted of desire,
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great,
And would suffice.
-Robert Frost

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Floating gently on a cloud....
5 posted 2000-04-23 03:39 AM

This is a lovely poem...I just hope that if it ends as so many of these relationships will, that you will still see your life as worth living. I wish you all the best in love!

Love and hugs,

 "Poetry is the true expression of my soul, it is my ultimate means of communication. It is my rainbow of delight."

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6 posted 2000-04-23 09:15 AM

  Thanks so much, I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

   Thank you too  . Don't worry, I wrote this poem because I just got out of a long term relationship not too long ago, so I know things can end at any time. I wasn't the happiest of people (at least not on the inside) but once again I am happy again  .

*~*Happy Easter Everyone!*~*


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In the space between moments
7 posted 2000-04-23 10:42 PM

Extremely beautiful!  It's the greatest feeling in the world to feel this way about someone.     

 *Krista Knutson*

As soon as man does not take his existence for granted, but beholds it as something unfathomably mysterious, thought begins.
~*Albert Schweitzer*~

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8 posted 2000-04-24 04:29 AM

This is a beautiful piece of poetry. I enjoyed reading this. A feeling like this is always nice to have.


 "Poetry is the language in which man explores his own amazement."
Christopher Fry

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