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0 posted 2000-04-19 11:13 AM


You walked through the valley of hidden trees
Gracing through shadows soft as the breeze;
Your dance charmed the creatures and pleased the man,
Hold out your hand and allow the dove to land,
It wishes to know from where it came
Except you and the dove, the world is to blame.
A rainbow falls from a cloud through the sky
A voice bellowed from above saying she will die
He had sent her so i had no control
I just wished she didn't have to go
I could only watch when she fell to the ground.
She then departed and I heard a voice soft in tone
Before me I saw the tree for a moment
Then what i couldn't see was gone
---Written by:Hoppy


 "Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it."
Henry David Thoreau

Don't look... you might see.
Don't listen... you might hear.
Don't think... you might learn.
Don't walk... you might stumble.
Don't run... you might fall.
Don't make a decision... you might be wrong.
Don't might die.

© Copyright 2000 Hoppy - All Rights Reserved
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Floating gently on a cloud....
1 posted 2000-04-19 02:42 PM

Wow!!! This made me really think! I like it alot...your style I find very good.

Love and hugs,

 "Poetry is the true expression of my soul, it is my ultimate means of communication. It is my rainbow of delight."

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2 posted 2000-04-19 07:53 PM

This is a really good poem! I loved it.
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3 posted 2000-04-19 07:57 PM

I like this poem  
It is great!

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4 posted 2000-04-19 10:47 PM

This sounds very much like Thoreau's writing, I mean the transcendentalist period when all the writers felt like being one with nature.  It's great, I love it!!  Rachel
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5 posted 2000-06-15 12:03 PM

this is a reallly great poem!! I look forward to reading more of your poems!!

Luv oddles& oddles,

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6 posted 2000-06-15 01:52 PM

Powerful great poem...especially the meaning.

 "You could be my unintended
Choice, to live my life extended...." Muse

"Even when we're apart we'll still be under the same sky," LJ Smith

"Hiding in the musty attic is Elusive
She sits, cross legged in a midst dark cobwebs
Several forms scurry to seek shelter
Beneath her levitating shadow.
Her back rigid , eyes glassy
Gazes intently at time escaping
Sliding, smoothly, as sand sprinkles
Through the hour glass,
A single tear grazes her misty cheek." Lani

since 2000-01-27
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7 posted 2000-06-15 03:37 PM

hey there, thanks for the replies, you all pulled this one up from a LONG time ago. Glad to see someone read it

 There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.
-- Oscar Levant

"Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live."

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Realm of Supernatural
8 posted 2007-11-15 07:26 PM



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