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0 posted 2000-06-10 07:04 AM

Fellow Poets,

When I first came to this forum, I remember the atmosphere that surrounded it. People were more than willing to offer suggestions on how to fix up your work to make it better and there were many replies to many different poems.

I went away for a short period of time and came back to find many new faces which I think is fantastic. It is always good to get new poets in such a great place.

But with these poets came negligence. Sure they want all their work replied to but aren't prepared to reply or at least read any one elses. Yeah that's just such a great thing to do!!

Many poets have stopped posting in this forum for the simple fact that no notice has been taken of their work and no replies/comments have been made.

Thanks very much for that people!

Because of this I have decided not to bother with this site anymore for the sheer fact that the happy, nice feeling has left and its replacement emptiness.

To the poets who I have known right from the start of my time in here keep writing.

Nice knowing you all. If you want to follow this up, my email is in my info.


 "Poetry is the language in which man explores his own amazement."
Christopher Fry

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1 posted 2000-06-10 04:44 PM

I agree with you totally on this. I used to write replies to people who replied to me but now since I don't get many I don't. Everyone should be praised for there work because creativity comes from the heart and everyone should get some kinda of encouragement from it. Thankx for bringing this to people's attention...I appreciate it.

 "If thou can wait then thou shall stay"
-Destiny's Child

Poet deVine
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2 posted 2000-06-10 04:52 PM

Normally this would be closed and moved as it isn't a poem. I read this earlier and wanted to wait to see if anyone would reply.

What do you think is the solution? We can nag and nag about replying to posts but cannot enforce it.

We are open to any and all suggestions! Let's hear them.....  

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3 posted 2000-06-10 08:25 PM

Well, I for one reply to other poets more than I submit my own poetry.
What else can I do? There are only so many hours in a day and I can't spend them all sitting here reading poetry and replying.
There are many, many good poets here...but good grief we can't read them all.
Can we ?

Any suggestions?


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You will love it!

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Matchstick McGee
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4 posted 2000-06-10 09:35 PM

I know I sure don't spend a lot of time at the site, though I still come and read on a regular basis. And no, I usually don't reply to more than a few poems when I do. But then again, I also don't post very many... I mostly lurk and read  . I have noticed that many poems pass without more than a couple of replies, and feel a little guilty about my own lack of activity on the board. But I know that *my* main problem is this: constructive criticism. "I liked it, good job" is what almost all of the replies amount to, it seems. I *try* to find something specific to compliment that I liked about the poem, and that's not always easy for me, so mostly I don't reply. The thing is, I may have something along the lines of criticism to offer, and don't, because I feel like I'm being arrogant or something when I do. I am NOT saying that when people offer criticism, they are being arrogant. My laboriously made point here is that perhaps the problem is that other people, like me, fear posting criticism, even constructive criticism, because they'll feel like they are "flaunting their own skill". Or maybe it's just me  . And since the general atmosphere, at least on the teen poetry board, doesn't seem to involve much actual criticism, it's hard to get started. After all, who wants to be the only one who is really criticizing when everyone else is being complimentary? I have to admit: I'm not brave enough, especially when I have been here such a short time, and no one knows me. I know this doesn't present a solution, but maybe it helps get into the question of "why" a little better. At least I hope so.


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5 posted 2000-06-10 10:10 PM

I have to agree with what everyone else has said. I too have only a limit of time and the thing is people should NOT post more than at the most 2 or 3 poems some are posting like 6 in a day. I usually don't read them all unless I really like the poet. I do try to respond as much as I can but like I said I don't have a lot of time on my hands. But I can't always respond to a poem I like to be able to point out things I liked about the poem or have more to say then "good job". I usually try to respond to those with no responses. I also believe that if you post a poem you should also read others poems and reply. That I believe is our biggest problem too many people are posting and not looking at others and replying. I also have to agree that the atmosphere has changed here it just don't feel as friendly as it was when I first got here in August last year. Well that's pretty much what I think.


 "Poetry is the music of the souls, and above all, of great and feeling souls."

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6 posted 2000-06-10 10:30 PM

well, I am sorry that you feel this way! I post a reply to every poem that I read,if I haven't gotten around to yours, it has nothing to do with being impolite or selfish, it is just a matter of having little or n o time on my hands. Every one here I'm sure can agree that it is not very easy to find the time to sit here and reply ot every poem on the board. It's virtually impossible. But I try. You act as though we are being selfsih ~ some of these people are... and that's just their problem. However, there are many of us who take the time to reply and give comments. I can't say whether the atmosphere has changed b/c I've only been a member for 10 days. I do more replying than I do writing any more. I'm sorry you're offended by the way we are doing things. If you feel you must leave then do so, why make such a BIG deal about it? I understand being mad and upset, but at the same time you are mad at people who don't deserve it - yes some of the people do, but some people are very good about replying and I disagree with your anger. Please don't feel offended by my reply, I just don't think you went about it the right way. Thanks ~*~Jessica~*~

 "Love is the product of our discontentment with ourselves."
"Bleeding hearts release tears of fire"
"work like you don't need money, love like you've never been hurt,and live everyday as if it's your last"

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7 posted 2000-06-10 10:59 PM

Ahhh, I would have to agree with Matchstick on this one - constructive criticism, or any criticism for that matter, would not appear to be the norm in this particular forum.  Praise alone is the precedent.   As one can see from my posting record, I have been a member for quite some time, but have posted very little in comparison to others who have been members as long as I.  It is not that I do not read or enjoy other's poetry, but I feel that replying with untrue or unnecessary praise is self-defeating and rather counterproductive to the very purpose of this forum.  Therefore, I only reply to poetry that I can HONESTLY reply to.  I apologize if I do not personally reply to every piece posted, and am very sorry to see anonymous leave.  However, I stand by my decision to only reply to a few poems - but reply truthfully.

Novacaine For The Soul
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8 posted 2000-06-10 11:57 PM

dear anonymous & company:
     formerly i was a very active member of the teen forum community and since my onset as a poet here i have offered constructive (depending on who you talk to *heh*) criticism on each poem i read that i feel shows promise... i read nearly every poem that is posted (but never more than two of a multi-poster) and i try to reply to at least half of them... i followed anonymous' work for a good part of her time here and think she shows a GREAT deal of promise... and i, for one (having just returned to the forum), am willing to what little i can to help the poets her become better writers... as a response to what matchstick has said about not wanting to appear pompous or arrogant while offering criticism... those of you whose poems i have had an opportunity to reply to may agree that i come off as pompous or pretentious, but those of you who read my work will also agree that i am by NO means a wonderful poet and by no means flawless in my verse or choice of subject... i do, however, know quite a bit about poetry and what makes good verse and i hope to share that with some of you who may have more talent than myself, in hopes that you will become better poets that i myself ever could... and i agree with anonymous that this cannot happen without willing feedback from the poets here, but i DISagree with her that leaving is the answer... i look forward (past and present) to her responses to my poetry and hold her in high-regard as a poet and an individual... anonymous, i now make me feeble plea that you give we few, we happy few one last chance to redeem ourselves... and perhaps with a little bit of love for poesy and a little bit of time, we can help to make this forum a better place for all of us...

a sad tomato

 you're such a beautiful freak... i wish there were more just like you...

Poet deVine
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9 posted 2000-06-11 12:59 PM

I think this pretty much proves people are reading and responding..

I agree with the multiple post problem. We have it in every forum! I don't know how someone can find the time to write 4 or 5 poems a day let alone post them here and read and reply to at least 3 poems for every ONE they post.

I've been at Passions from the beginning and the Teen Forum wasn't a part of the original forum. It was created for you. I've noticed more and more teens in Open Forum and Dark..and while there are no restrictions on which forum to post in, a lot of these posts are duplicates of what's in here!

Here's a question: Do you want me to ask the members in other forums to spend some time in here reading and replying? Or do you want replies from your peers?

This forum is yours! We are always open to suggestions and of course, complaints. But if the forum means so much to you, why pack up and leave? Why not stay and try to make a difference? If we all did that when we got discouraged, this would be a sad world.

We have something here that no other poetry forum on the Internet has! A community.. a real community atmosphere. And it's because we are willing to put our souls in our work and our hearts in our replies.

I commend you all for your work, your efforts to keep the Teen forum going and for your honesty.  Keep writing!!

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10 posted 2000-06-11 02:19 AM

Well, thanks for replying to my rambling everyone...I hadn't anticipated such a large resonse.

Now I know, just as well as the next person, that as much as you want, you can't reply to every poem. But, that is where everyone else comes in. If you see a poem with only a few responses on it, reply!
Criticism is one thing that I do not think will get off the ground in here. (I don't mean that in a bad way)This is because some of us are holding back for the sheer fact that they may damage someones feelings etc. Constructive criticism is a good thing however for it helps you to perfect that piece just one little bit.
I don't feel like anyone is being selfish and I most certainly am not offended by your comment StarPryncess17. After all, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  
Novacaine:I think that saying I was leaving was a pathetic thing of me to say. It is after all, running away and I am not usually one to run away from a situation. I agree with that you know quite alot about poetry. This is why you are not afraid to offer criticism, whether it be constructive or not.

Poet deVine: What would be nice to see is people from all different forums swapping occasionally to see the talents of all the writers and not just in one particular forum.

Everybodies comment on this topic have shown, Like PdV said, that people are reading and responding.

I will be staying as many have said that leaving is not the answer and I couldn't agree more. I enjoy writing too much and this is the only place that I know of that has such a large community for poetry. There are so many great writers in here that I wouldn't want to miss any of the great pieces that are written in here.

Thanks for all your replies on this. It was greatly appreciated.


 "Poetry is the language in which man explores his own amazement."
Christopher Fry

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11 posted 2000-06-11 10:01 PM

I am glad you decided not to leave, anonymousfemale. The lack of replies, double postings, and lack of warmth in this forum has indeed been an issue for a while now.  Those of us who moderate here know that really well.  I know that I personally post in here very rarely, but simply because I enjoy the open forum and like to get in there sometimes.  I read just about every post in this forum and therefore don't have the time to reply to everyone, but I try as best as I can to offer my thoughts.  So many of you have incredible talent and I believe with a warmer atmosphere that everyone's creativity would skyrocket.  I'm not sure how to warm things up in here, but I've been thinking about it a while.  I'm happy that this was brought up again and that we can talk this over.  After all, I want this forum to be the best it can be, because it is ours guys!  Let's get things movin and show 'em how it's done!  

 *Krista Knutson*

"Thought is real, physical is the illusion..." Albert from ~What Dreams May Come~

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12 posted 2000-06-12 12:41 PM

Well, I think you bring up some good points. I have to agree with some of them. When I first came to Teen, it was much warmer and friendlier than it is now, but who's fault is it? Allow me to quote from Shakespeare "The fault is not in our stars... but in ourselves". The only ones to blame for the problems in teen in ourselves, and on the other hand, we are the only ones who can fix it. It starts with you. Why don't you reply a little more? It's as easy as that. Also, FOLLOW THE RULES! Double-posting is a big problem in this forum, and things would move more smoothly for you and the moderators if you would follow this rule, especally. Most of all, treat others as you would want to be treated. Remember, it starts with you.

 "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." -Oscar Wilde

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13 posted 2000-06-15 12:02 PM

I must say that when I read AF's letter I was greatly concerned. Not only just about her leaving but the fact that many others might agree with her and leave as well. You see, I don't post a lot simply b/c I don't write poetry that often. Though I must say that I read just about every single poem here (except for those naught double posters - I don't even bother) I don't reply to a lot of them b/c they don't speak to me. Not that they're bad poems b/c they're not, but if I can't apply the poem to a particular situation in my life, then I don't reply to it.
As for the whole criticism thing, I agree with Matchstick. I don't criticize b/c who am I to tell others how to write? It's not as if I can write any better. This forum is kind of like a support station for me. See when things in life get hairy, I come here. I may just sit and read the poems and not reply but they help b/c I see others go through the same things as me. I'd really hate to lose that. So here's my deal that I'll make with anyone who will take me up on it: I will start constructively criticizing if others will as well and not get offended!!! I think criticism has potential here, it just depends how we use it.
I agree with Lovebug. This situation is everyone's fault - be it the new members, old members, those who read lots but don't reply (that being me), those who selfishly post, etc. It's ALL our faults, if we care so much about this forum then lets fix it! Post a poem or two and then reply to six or seven.
Poet Devine - in my humble opinion, I don't think asking other posters from other forums to help us is right. After all we put ourselves in this situation, we can't expect others to dig us out of it. While I would love to see the new faces of other posters, given the situation I don't want to meet them under this circumstance - does that make sense???
So here's my proposition, if you really care about this forum them fix it. Go ahead and post but read and criticize as well. If you don't care then leave, let passions have their memory back for other forums. We got ourselves into this mess, let's fix it.


 "The worst of what people do to one another is deceive.
Because when you love someone you control their version
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autistic so that what they believe is reality is in fact,
not their true situation at all."

It's not the angry words that break the heart, it's the silence.

Someone said that true love is like a ghost -- often spoke of but never seen.
I've seen both and yet in my darkest hours, tend to believe that neither exits.

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14 posted 2007-11-15 07:26 PM



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