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You wisked me away
and swept me off my feet all in one moment.
The music was blaring, but I could not hear it
My head was blasting with thoughts of joy and love.
I didn't know you,
but the moment you embraced me I forgot everything and only cared about you.

It went by so quick, that feeling but then I heard something.
I heard your soothing voice
Who are you? I said to myself
But it didn't matter
My heart was racing
My blood flowing fast
I was then with someone else and I had no wonderful feelings about him, only about you.
I could see you the entire time
Your eyes staring blankly into mine

Who are you? I said once again to myself.
We were drawn to each other,
we walked so quickly and so quietly towards each other with our eyes locked in a daze.
The emotion was swirling in a pool around our eyes
We joined hands and pulled each other close
The world stopped and all I could hear was the thudding of our hearts.
What was this feeling? Who are you? I kept saying to myself.

You spoke, your voice sending lightning through my veins.
I finally knew it, knew who you were.
My heart sank, my eyes lost their twinkle,
someone I cannot have.
The words ran through my mind and became a blur.
The moment was lost, but it didn't matter.
We shared a special moment, a wonderful love, an amazing feeling
Oh, I wish it would come back.

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1 posted 2000-04-13 08:59 PM

Hey, our names have somethin in common! (hint "Angel")
This poem is very vivid, and all to often it is true.  I really enjoyed it!

~Rachel~   )

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