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Teen Poetry #2
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0 posted 2000-04-09 09:51 PM

below are two peoms I wrote, both are connected and compliment one another so I saw it only natural to post them together.

The girl takes a seat,
She waits.
She cries.
No answer.
No sympathy.
The girl stands up,
She stands.
She laughs.
She's not afraid of the unknown.
She smiles.
Courageously, she walks up to him.
She's not afraid not more.
She's strong.
No one is telling her what to do.
The girl looks into his eyes.
No words spoken.
But he understands her eyes.
One look says it all.
The girl wonders if what she does is right.
Do people really understand what she says?
If one look says it aa what else is there to say? Or does that look say a different story?
The girls sits by herself.
Scared of what she knows.
She longs to learn what she doesn't. She longs to go places she hasn't been before.
There are many people she doesn't already know. Yet she knows hundreds.
There are things she will never know. Those things she leaves be. But the things she knows she can learn,
She learns.
She's not searching for her soul. She's living.
She won't let anyone get in her way.
All her problems are like little specks of dust- They form from nothing and with one swipe they disappear. The girl doesn't know where she will be in five years time,
Or even in 5 days.
She doesn't worry about what the future will bring.
All she does is live her life for the moment because with one little whisper... It can all disappear.
She knows this from experience.
The girl soaks in her surroundings. She glances at the man opposite her and smiles.

The flight attendent asks her is she wants anything-
If only she knew what she was asking.

The girl knows she is going to be big. Someone everyone will look up too.
She doesn't know when or how but she knows she will. She'll make it. She always has.

© Copyright 2000 Stephanie Alexandria - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2000-04-10 12:23 PM

You are right in the way that these two pieces do compliment eachother. They are both good descriptive pieces. I particulary liked the line "She's not searching for her soul, She's living." For there are so many people that are too busy searching for their soul and not living.

They are both wonderfully written. Nice job.


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2 posted 2000-04-10 09:11 AM

These are great poems! I like em both and they definitely go together!

Love and hugs,

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