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Tx, Dallas

0 posted 2000-03-20 11:10 PM

It all started June 15th, 1985
The day I came alive
Lying in my mother's arms now
Wondering when it's time to chow

The first two years were rough
Soon I became tough
My first step...
The picture my mom kept

Keeping close to mom
Ever so calm
Insects were cool
They didn't ever drool

Into elementary school
I thought it was cool
Recess and playtimes
I loved the nursrey rymes

Whew, how that went by
Now it's time for Jr. High
Crushes and grades
I'd had it made

Now I'm a freshman
It's harder now than then
I gotta make the grade
Mabye now I don't have it made

There are new friends I meet
My boyfriend, he's sweet
Christianity is really big
It's somthing I really dig

Now looking at collage
You know I gotta have the knowledge
My life is getting brighter
Lets look at being a writer

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Danny Holloway
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Tulsa, OK
1 posted 2000-03-21 03:16 PM

Glad your focused on the "knowledge". It's so necessary these days.  Good luck with the writing.
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2 posted 2000-03-22 04:36 AM

Sweet little Nikki
Glad to see you back
Great poem, I agree with Danny hold onto that knowledge and always stay focused on what you want out of life and you'll go far my friend

 Keep all the windows of your mind open
Anne Rooks

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Missouri, USA
3 posted 2000-03-22 08:10 AM

haha, great poem. I love seeing other people who are looking to be writers, as I myself am doing the same. Once again, I really like the poem.

 "Sa souvraya niende missian ye." I am lost in my own mind.

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