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0 posted 2000-03-13 12:02 PM

What have I done wrong now?
I don't understand what you want.
You say you want to be with me.
    Then why aren't you?
Why do you leave me hanging every night?
I sit and wait for your call even though,
    I know, it's not coming.
But I hope it will, so there I sit.
All alone,
    wondering what I've done to screw this up.

You once told me you loved me.
Are you now realizing that you didn't really love me?
    That it was just an infatuation?
It's not fair for you to play with my mind like this.
You may not realize it, but you're doing exactly what you said you never wanted to do to me.
You're hurting me.
You're making me cry.
You told me you would never do that to me.

But you are and I don't understand what I did to deserve this.
Now, you know I like you, but I don't love you.
I know the difference between love and attraction.
Love takes time.
So if you don't like me anymore, just tell me.
Otherwise, after time, love could develop and you'll break my heart.
But if you leave now, it won't have to hurt so bad.
And if you do still like me, start acting like it, because tonight is the last night I'm waiting.

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1 posted 2000-03-13 12:05 PM

this is very good
love is such a complicated thing...sometimes it makes us want to run to the moon and back...and other times it can wound us deeply.

keep posting


Danny Holloway
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2 posted 2000-03-13 01:54 PM

Really good expression here.  If it's a reflection of your life, you've done a good job of conveying feeling.
Don't let you life be controled by another, friend or boyfriend.  Sometimes the best remedy is to not answer the phone, and let them wonder where you are. Sends a good message that you don't sit around waiting on them.  Live you life your way!!!!!

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