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since 2000-01-14
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0 posted 2000-03-10 09:57 AM

You threatened to
give up on our friendship,
something I can't handle,
just because I can't always open up.

I'm sorry if I hurt you,
but you have to remember
that I need time to
think things through,
and I'll tell you what's wrong
when I'm ready,
not when you want to know.

Don't get me wrong,
it's not that I don't trust you,
it's just that I've never been
the most open person.
I've always hid what I'm feeling
until I'm on the verge of breaking,
when I really need someone.

Please still be there,
my friend,
I will turn to you,
but when I'm ready.
I do trust you,
and I do love you,
and I pray you'll be there
when I need a friend.

~Kristi Lynn

© Copyright 2000 Kristi Stanczak - All Rights Reserved
Danny Holloway
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since 2000-01-15
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Tulsa, OK
1 posted 2000-03-10 11:23 AM

If the person is a true friend, he will be there when you turn to him. I don't believe a real friendship places unreasonable expectations on one person or the other.
Nice expression in this piece.

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Missouri, USA
2 posted 2000-03-10 06:10 PM

Very nice poem, has true emotion behind it. I think that a friend will always be there when needed, actualy, I wrote a poem today that expresses that fairly well. I hope your friend stays true.
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3 posted 2000-03-10 07:14 PM

great job!! this one hit really close to home for me.  i'm sure this person will realize that everything just takes time, if he/she is you friend, they won't rush you into telling things you don't want to.
since 2000-01-14
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4 posted 2000-03-13 09:54 AM

Thanks, all, for the sweet replies.  I hope this person realizes what they're doing, and that I do love them.  My friends mean so much, and I want them all to know that I'm always there, even though I can't open up to them all the time.  
~Kristi Lynn

since 1999-12-02
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5 posted 2000-03-13 01:00 PM

Awwwww.... Kristi! You know you have alot of friends here at Passions. It it was a true friend they would not be putting you through the pain you are going through now. Good luck.
since 2000-01-14
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6 posted 2000-03-14 09:30 AM

Jer, you can be sooooooooo sweet sometimes.  I think of the person as a friend, although not as much as he supposedly thinks of me.  Thank you for caring so much.  YOU are a true friend, and for that THANK YOU!  
Love ya,
Kristi Lynn    

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